Month: August 2017

“Better Than” Tips For Oral Health

Do you know if you’re doing right by your smile? Do you assume that if you’re doing something that isn’t exactly in line with our suggestions for good oral health then you might as well not even try? We understand that when you’re thinking about dental care, it often seems like a very black and… Read more »

Dental Care And Big Life Events

So, maybe you’ll be moving into your new home within a few months! Perhaps you’re getting married. Or, you’re thinking about starting a business and you’re going to end up being extremely busy. While the first thing that pops into your mind when you’re planning major life events is likely not your smile, it’s something… Read more »

Canker Sores: What’s Going On In My Mouth?

If you experience some sudden and extreme pain in your mouth in a single location, take a look. Do you see a whitish ulcer, perhaps with a yellow tinge? Does its surrounding tissue give it what appears to be a red border? If so, you just might be dealing with a canker sore. If you’ve… Read more »

A Better Brushing Breakdown: The 30 Second Rule

When you brush your teeth, you know that you should be doing so for two minutes until you’re done. We also alert you that it’s important to do your best to focus on all of your teeth surfaces. However, it can be easy to end up a bit too focused on your visible teeth or… Read more »

Chipped Teeth: 1,2,3

You probably weren’t trying to chip your tooth but sometimes it happens. It might have been something you did (or have been doing, as bad habits can lead to damaged teeth). Or, you might have had a stroke of bad luck. Whatever the case, there are generally some ways to prevent chips from occurring. Of… Read more »

Using The Internet: A Quiz

You may find yourself discovering more and more that searching for factual answers to things online is a bit of a stumbling block. In some instances, you can be sure you’re starting at reliable information. In other cases, you feel very uncertain about the literature or date before you. To be sure, the online world… Read more »

Back To School: 3 Things To Consider

Are you gearing up to get your kids ready for the new school year to begin? If so, one of the tasks on your to-do list might be “visit the dentist” (or at least we hope that’s the case!). While your intentions are already on track, we would like to remind you of a few… Read more »

Dental Implants: Keep Them For Life

You may have heard at one time or another that dental implants can last a lifetime. While this might sound like an exaggeration, it is actually something that can prove to be true if you know what to do to keep them safe and sound. The good news is that maintaining implants that stay in… Read more »

A Few Facts About White Smiles

There’s some stuff that you might not know about white smiles. You may assume, for instance, that when you see a vibrant white grin, it must be healthy. However, do you know whether this is true? You may think that in order to attain the most beautiful smile, you’ll need to get your teeth white… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: 3 Details You Need To Keep In Mind

Do you know how to brush and floss correctly? Are you having a pretty good experience with your daily dental hygiene or do you grumble every time you approach the sink to get started? Do you ever find yourself feeling conflicted when a question about home dental care pops into your mind? To help you… Read more »