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3 Perks Of Our Practice

When you find yourself looking for a dental practice you can think of as your safe place because it offers everything you need (including relaxing, compassionate care), the search can feel endless. Fortunately, whether you’re a new or existing patient, you may be surprised by the perks we offer (which can help you decide to call… Read more »

How A Crown Is Placed

Although placing a dental crown is more invasive than an inlay or an onlay, it is not a very complex procedure. It takes two visits, but only because the crown is fabricated outside the office in a dental lab. During the first visit your dentist prepares the tooth, during the second visit he or she… Read more »

Aging Teeth: Part 2

Although as you age your bones can become more brittle and fragile, that is not the same with teeth. Teeth tend to remain strong. However, there are several factors that come into play that can wear down, decay, or otherwise damage your teeth and gums as you age. Some of these factors include habits such… Read more »

Which Type Of Crown Is Best For You?

Dental crowns can be fabricated from several different types of materials. Each material has its advantages and is used for particular reasons. If you require crown treatment, your dentist will discuss the types of crowns available and what they are best used for. Factors to consider include strength, durability, aesthetics, extent of the treatment, and… Read more »

Composite vs. Amalgam: How Much Do You Know?

When you open your mouth wide to laugh or yawn do you see fillings? Having fillings is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it is common. By common that means ninety percent of the population has at least one tooth filled and probably more. Are your fillings composite or amalgam? Do you know the… Read more »

Preventing Future Problems With Preventive Dentistry

Your dental checkups are important. Maybe when things get too busy, or your finances are tight, you are tempted to skip them or put them off. However, attending your dental checkups every six months helps prevent future–more complicated and expensive–dental problems. Maybe it seems as if your hygienist is not doing much during your appointments,… Read more »

Don’t Women Have Enough Worries?

Women have their fair share of worries. They worry about their kids, their parents, their partners, their jobs, and now they have to worry about their teeth.  Hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life put her at risk for oral health issues including gum disease. How much do you know about how hormonal fluctuations affect your… Read more »

Is Gum Disease Present? Learn How to Treat It

For a large majority of people, gum disease is, or someday will be, a significant threat to their oral health. However, with consistently good hygiene and professional care, it doesn’t have to be a destructive influence. Gum disease is a progressive issue that, while common, is also highly preventable, and highly treatable if it is… Read more »

Tooth Decay and How It Develops

The causes of tooth decay are numerous, but can usually be narrowed down to a handful of factors. A lack of proper preventive dentistry, too much of the wrong kinds of foods, and too much time in-between dental checkups are just some of the reasons tooth decay happens. What is Tooth Decay? When a patient… Read more »

Dental Plaque and How it Develops

Anyone who has seen a mouthwash commercial has heard the term “plaque,” but how many really know what plaque is? Many people tend to think that brushing once or twice a day, along with some occasional flossing, will be enough to keep dental plaque away. However, is this enough to keep you from having to… Read more »