Month: September 2019

Spooky Smile Sensations: Is It Halloween’s Fault?

You may think that the second Halloween starts to head our way (which, in terms of candy, pastries, and other indulgences is always far in advance of the actual day itself) that it’s the holiday that is causing sudden issues for your oral health. Our Grand Prairie, TX team understands why you might think this!… Read more »

3 Very Cool “Clubs” To Join! 

When it comes to your smile and the effort you put forth into your oral health, one of the things you may enjoy most is becoming part of some figurative “clubs” that make you feel proud of your accomplishments. Then, there are some very real clubs of which you may become a member that will… Read more »

Soda And Your Grin: The Age Old Questions And The Facts

Like lots of other things you just know are on the “bad list” when it comes to stuff that can harm your smile, you’ve long heard that soda is a potential culprit. Avoid too much candy? You understand. Try to avoid eating foods that are exceptionally hard? You get that, too. However, what’s the story… Read more »

Your Smile Refresh: What Needs Sprucing Up?

Your smile needs daily care. It requires this dental care through the use of dental hygiene products. Your smile is also susceptible to problems and staining. It may or may not contain restorations. Your smile is unique and, over time, can deal with wear and tear! So, if our Grand Prairie, TX team were to… Read more »

Smile Symptoms: Why Can’t You Take Them At Face Value?

So, you develop a very obvious sign that something is wrong with your smile. As a result, your first instinct is to take that symptom into consideration, to analyze it, and to interpret it to the best of your ability. You will then assign it a particular meaning and move on from there (which may… Read more »

Your Bad Breath Suspicion (And What To Do)

While it’s not necessarily something anyone likes to admit, it’s most certainly possible to have bad breath without actually realizing it. With that said, it’s very possible that you have your suspicions about your breath. Perhaps someone recently backed away from you a bit, while you were speaking. Maybe you occasionally wonder to yourself, “Yuck,… Read more »

We Are Here For The Complex Dental Care You Need!

Sometimes, you need something that seems quite simple. You are ready for a checkup. You need a filling. You are curious about seeing us to fix a small chip with bonding. However, there’s the other end of that broad spectrum of dental care that can cause you to feel like what you require is serious,… Read more »

Smile Care: 4 Ways You’re Confused About Your Tongue

It’s perfectly natural to feel confused about your tongue if you have never really received much of an education in terms of this part of your mouth. You know that it’s powerful, that it helps you eat, that it helps you interpret flavor, and more. However, as for how you should be caring for it… Read more »