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YOLO: What It Means For Your Smile

By now, if you aren’t saying it regularly, you have at least heard someone yell out, “YOLO!” What’s it mean, you ask? It stands for “you only live once.” While this may be taken many ways, the intention is to suggest that you should enjoy and embrace life, take risks, and make the most of… Read more »

Your Current Dental Care: Due Dates!

When you’re thinking about your dental care, it’s easy to have exceptional intentions and to feel convinced that you’re definitely going to follow through on them. However, it’s also very easy to let time pass and suddenly realized you haven’t actually scheduled a single thing. Why not take in some reminders from our Grand Prairie,… Read more »

Get Your Wishes In Order For 2019!

When you write out your wish list for the winter holidays, you probably don’t usually put “dental fillings” or any other type of dental care on it. It doesn’t mean you don’t really want smile-related treatments for your smile but in most cases, a nice new sweater, brand new luxury vehicle, and other dreams fill… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers: 3 Reasons You Dismiss Them (But Shouldn’t)

Have you noticed that when you check out our website and poke around online as you think about improving your smile that you completely dismiss porcelain veneers? The second you see them, do you think to yourself, “Nope, not for me” and then carry on? If so, we would like you to take a moment… Read more »

Why “Natural” Isn’t Always Better

You might think that when you find a natural solution to your smile care woes online or when you hear about them from a friend, they’re probably going to save you time, money, and that they’ll make things easy breezy. Unfortunately, though some natural solutions are wonderful for you, they’re not always better. Remember, it’s… Read more »

3 “C” Things You Get From Composite!

If you’re not extremely familiar with composite at the moment, then allow our Grand Prairie, TX team to quickly run you through some details that will remind you … you do know this material! Remember those tooth-colored fillings you’ve heard so much about (or that you already have in your smile)? The ones that match… Read more »

How Do You Know If Bonding Is What You Need?

You know that you want your smile to not look the way it’s been looking lately (or possibly for most of your life!). You know that dental bonding seemed to sound like something that would work for your particular needs as you work toward a smile you feel excited about in an esthetic sense. However,… Read more »

Charcoal Toothpaste: Who Says It’s A Good Idea?

Someone out there is saying activated charcoal toothpaste is a good idea (even if it isn’t). How do we know this? Well, because there’s quite a lot of buzz surrounding this teeth whitening trend. The question is: Who is saying it’s a safe, smart, effective idea? On the other hand, who is saying that it… Read more »

Your Smile: 3 Things You Must Do Before Your Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, one thing you know is that you want a white, beautiful smile for photos. However, beyond that detail, you might not have considered what it’s going to take to ensure you’ve actually achieved that goal on time. You may not have considered, either, that there are some other factors to… Read more »

Get Your Whiter Smile This Summer

When summer arrives, there are lots of things to get excited about! Your schedule might change a bit (and often for the better), you are likely ready to spend some more time outdoors soaking up some much needed vitamin D, and you might find that you’re planning more fun outings! What you may also start… Read more »