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Get Your Smile Super Prepared For Your Holiday Season 

When it comes to the holiday season, you know quite well that in order to fly through the experience calmly and majestically, you must absolutely do one thing and you must do it well: You must prepare! The idea of just skating through and going with the flow sounds good, until you realize that there… Read more »

Why Your Smile Seems To Shift Its Shade 

Your smile looks amazingly lovely one second and you have no complaints! You would certainly describe it as a pleasing shade of white. The next, however? You’re not singing your smile’s praises. Instead, you’re shocked to find that it looks nothing like the vibrant feature you thought for sure you’d just been admiring. What’s going… Read more »

Your Smile Refresh: What Needs Sprucing Up?

Your smile needs daily care. It requires this dental care through the use of dental hygiene products. Your smile is also susceptible to problems and staining. It may or may not contain restorations. Your smile is unique and, over time, can deal with wear and tear! So, if our Grand Prairie, TX team were to… Read more »

A Whiter Smile: Approaches You Should Definitely Skip

What you want is a whiter smile, right? Actually, there’s more to it than that, if you are similar to most of the dental patients we see at our Grand Prairie, TX practice. In fact, what you want is to be able to attain a much brighter smile, while doing so in a way that… Read more »

What If I’m Not A Very Good Teeth Whitening Candidate?

It’s very easy to convince yourself that you’re not a good candidate for teeth whitening, even if you are. It’s also possible to be told by another practice that you are not a good candidate (even if you are). Then, of course, there’s the fact that even if you don’t necessarily meet the requirements for… Read more »

Major Qualifications: Am I A Candidate For Cosmetic Care?

As the idea of cosmetic care suddenly starts to appeal to you as something that you really want and as something that is most certainly a realistic option for you, there’s only one thing that you find might stands in your way: Whether or not you’re a good candidate! Of course, our Grand Prairie, TX… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Just Imagine…

Sometimes, it’s easy to think about the fact that you’d like to receive some type of cosmetic treatment from us and to put all of your attention into learning about the details of the procedure, after care, and more. As a result, you can accidentally lose some of your excitement in regard to getting started… Read more »

Cosmetic Care: 3 Ways You May Wish To Think About It

You know what cosmetic care does for your smile: It makes it look better! However, when it comes to your outlook in regard to coming to our Grand Prairie, TX practice to actually access this type of dental care, we ask: What’s your perspective like? For some, there’s no hesitation or concern. For other patients,… Read more »

How Long Until A Brighter Smile?

Your smile has been a part of your life since your first gummy grin. Not everyone has grown up thrilled with the look of their smile, whether due to a crooked tooth, an awkward gap, or a dingy film that seems to have gradually appeared out of nowhere.  Depending on what bothers your about your… Read more »

Springtime Changes: Get A Head Start On Smile Care!

What lovelier realization might there be in the midst of winter than the fact that spring is coming? Flowers will bloom, the birds will sing, and we will be able to go outside coat-free on a much more consistent basis here in Grand Prairie, TX! With that said, we have to ask: Is your smile… Read more »