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Root Canal Treatment: 3 Ways To Figure Out That You Need One

When your tooth is infected or has become significantly damaged, it becomes more likely that you may need to receive a root canal treatment. To recap, in case you don’t remember much about this restorative treatment, this restorative service includes the removal of damaged/infected pulp, the complete sealing of your tooth, and often a dental… Read more »

Toothpaste: Your “Does It Really Make A Difference?” Questions

When you stand in front of the sink for your routine dental hygiene experience, you pick up your tube of toothpaste, and you go to work with keeping your smile healthy, you may find yourself asking a series of questions that typically begin with something along the lines of, “Does it really make a difference… Read more »

Answering Some Simple “Why” Questions You May Wonder About

There are so very many “why” questions that you can come up with in regard to your smile that if we were to ask you to simply begin rattling then off, you might not know where to begin! While you may feel tempted to look around online for the information you’re curious about as it… Read more »

FAQs: Toothpaste Without Waste

You don’t want to find out that you’re using far too little toothpaste which, in the end, means you’ve almost wasted your brushing session because you didn’t get enough on the brush or on your teeth! You also don’t want to find out that you’re using way too much, which means you may very well… Read more »

Good News About Oral Surgery

We have some exciting news for you about oral surgery! Didn’t think you’d ever be getting jazzed about surgical procedures for your smile but, lo and behold, here you are on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear more? As you know, when you need surgery for your smile it’s because other forms… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Making Extra Room

Sometimes, the tooth extraction that you need isn’t about the fact that you may have missed some brushing sessions here and there and, as a result, your tooth became diseased. Sometimes, it’s not about accidentally ending up with trauma to your tooth, thereby requiring an extraction. In some instances, and this is more common than… Read more »

Flossing Frustration: We Can Help!

It’s one thing to avoid flossing because you are simply never in the mood to do it. It’s another thing to floss and practice dental hygiene as you are supposed to but to find yourself up against some serious frustration! To help you maintain the level of personal dental care you’re dedicated to, we encourage… Read more »

Like Ice As A Snack? Time To Change!

You may find that when you’re feeling hungry or just want to nibble on something, it seems that reaching for a cup full of ice is a good idea. Or, when summer is in full swing, eating ice is refreshing and absolutely free of calories. Plus, you know that water is neutral in its pH,… Read more »

Things To Remember About Treating Sensitive Teeth

If you know that you need to treat your sensitive teeth but what you aren’t sure about is where to begin or what to do, then recognize you’re not alone. This is a very, very common complaint. Sensitivity can suddenly show up (or slowly creep up) as the result of so many factors. What you… Read more »

Smile Project 2018 Q&A: What’s The Plan?

Are you excited about the fact that we are about to wave bye-bye to 2017 and welcome in 12 month of a completely clean slate? It’s always so refreshing to be able to feel the ability to start anew with everything! If this sensation applies to your smile, what types of changes or improvements do… Read more »