Month: October 2018

Your Child’s Smile: 3 Oral Health Protectors

You could probably collaborate with us in coming up with a list a mile long of beneficial things you could do to protect your smile as well as the oral health of your child. However, life is busy, the days often seem shorter and shorter, and what you really need is a streamlined approach to… Read more »

Teen Zombie Makeup 101

Is your child planning on being a zombie of some kind this Halloween but isn’t really sure about how to create convincing makeup? Why not take advantage of the upcoming Teen Zombie Makeup 101 event? It will be sure to make your son or daughter’s costume an absolute winner!

3 Simple Yet Compelling Reason To Keep Your Smile Healthy

If you’ve ever pouted and asked yourself, “Why do I even have to brush my teeth, anyway?” our Grand Prairie, TX team has some thoughts for you. We know, sometimes you just don’t feel like it, you don’t feel well, you’re tired, or brushing and flossing (or a preventive visits) isn’t first in line of… Read more »

Why “Natural” Isn’t Always Better

You might think that when you find a natural solution to your smile care woes online or when you hear about them from a friend, they’re probably going to save you time, money, and that they’ll make things easy breezy. Unfortunately, though some natural solutions are wonderful for you, they’re not always better. Remember, it’s… Read more »

Gingivitis: Why It Can Be So Confusing!

Gingivitis is one of those oral health concerns that frequently causes a whole lot of confusion. On its own, it’s not a very complex topic: It’s gum inflammation, the very first phase of gum disease! However, when it comes to identifying it, treating it, and understanding its significance in the greater context of your smile… Read more »

3 Very Important Rinsing Reminders

You may expect a lot of reminders from our Grand Prairie, TX team. You think we’ll remind you to schedule your preventive care appointments with us, so you can keep your oral health safe. You know for a fact that when you see us for checkups, we will remind you to brush and especially to… Read more »

A Sweet Pet Vaccination Event

If you could combine everything you love into a very quick, short phrase, it might just be identical to the upcoming event happening in our Grand Prairie, TX community: It’s the Donuts, Dogs, And Cats, Too! 2018 event. Sound like the sort of thing that quickly puts a smile on your face? Good news: It’s… Read more »

When Your Sense Of Taste Goes Haywire!

Your sense of taste is something you rely on, just like your other senses. This one happens to be very obvious to you because you get used to the way certain foods taste. You even crave certain things. So, when you dig into your favorite dish, dessert, or even your daily breakfast cereal and it… Read more »

3 “C” Things You Get From Composite!

If you’re not extremely familiar with composite at the moment, then allow our Grand Prairie, TX team to quickly run you through some details that will remind you … you do know this material! Remember those tooth-colored fillings you’ve heard so much about (or that you already have in your smile)? The ones that match… Read more »