When Your Sense Of Taste Goes Haywire!

Your sense of taste is something you rely on, just like your other senses. This one happens to be very obvious to you because you get used to the way certain foods taste. You even crave certain things. So, when you dig into your favorite dish, dessert, or even your daily breakfast cereal and it doesn’t taste the way it normally does, this can immediately cause you serious concern (and frustration, too). We know this is inconvenient but our Grand Prairie, TX team reminds you that when your sense of taste goes haywire, there’s usually a pretty good explanation and your oral health is likely just fine.

You Could Be Suffering From Dry Mouth

You might be suffering from a problem that we call dry mouth. This plain and simple means that your mouth is too dry because it isn’t retaining or making enough saliva. What you probably don’t realize is that when this occurs, it can make your food taste much different than you’re used to or it can make foods taste as though they have no flavor at all! Let’s put it this way: Saliva helps unlock flavors. You need more of it (and when you don’t have enough saliva, it can actually cause oral health concerns). When you think this is the problem, definitely let us know!

Sometimes, It’s Just Congestion

You think that your sense of taste is its own, isolated thing. That is, until you end up with a serious cold and can barely taste anything. This is because your ability to taste food is linked with your sense of smell. So, when congestion is on the scene, recognize that your oral health is probably perfectly fine! It’s just that you need to clear congestion up, so you can smell again (and taste again).

Pregnancy Can Alter Your Senses, Too!

Lots of changes happen when you are pregnant and this can include your sense of taste! You may notice that you have a metallic taste in your mouth. Foods may taste different. Things you loved may taste awful and things you never loved, you may suddenly crave! While you should certainly continue your preventive care with us, remember: This aspect of your oral health is probably A-OK.

You Might Have Decay, An Infection, Etc.

You may have a bad taste in your mouth if you have decay or an infection, which can make everything taste weird. If you suspect this or it’s been longer than six months since a visit, come on in!

See Us For Help With Your Taste Buds

When you notice something is off with the way foods taste, feel free to come in to find out what’s going on! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.