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Easter Egg Swim 2019

You’ve probably watched your kiddos search through the grass before, as they seek out hidden Easter eggs in their adorable springtime outfits! You may even create an egg hunt in your home! However, if your children have never splashed about in a pool, swimming for eggs before, then this upcoming Easter Egg Swim 2019 in… Read more »

Double Dare Live! Event

Perhaps you caught an episode or two of Double Dare, the beloved Nickelodeon game show, during one of its iterations over the past 30 years or so. Maybe you were one of the series’ original fans in the 80s, spending your time glued to the TV set, while you looked on in awe at the… Read more »

Style File: Beauty And Style For Women

Have you been feeling like you’re ready for a change but you aren’t really sure which path to take in terms of your personal style and beauty? Maybe you feel like you’ve been wearing the same color palette or type of clothing for years (or even decades) now and you’re sure that some advice would… Read more »

STAR Certified Master Composter Class

Do you look at the world around you, wondering what you can do as an individual to help protect our environment? Perhaps you’re striving to create as sustainable a lifestyle as you can and one of those things still on your list is finally getting the art of composting down to a science, so you’re… Read more »

Interview Skills For Teens

Is your teen thinking about applying for a job now that spring break is nearly here? Perhaps your teenager is waiting until summer but is feeling ready to secure some much-desired employment and income! Or, do you have a high school senior who is interested in entering the workforce or working during college? Whatever the… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Crafternoon  

It’s nearly here! It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s full of love, creativity, sweet gifts, and probably more sugar than your teeth know what to do with (remember to rinse and brush on this holiday!). As for those sweet gifts, we ask: Have your kiddos been looking for a way to create a Valentine for a… Read more »

Daddy Daughter Hair Class

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there are quite a lot of Daddy Daughter dances on the horizon. However, before you schedule any sweet outings with your daughter for Valentine’s Day, you may have something else you need to figure out first: How to help your daughter with her hair, so she can look wonderful for any… Read more »

Workforce Solutions Resume Help

Are you about to enter the workforce? Have you been away from work for a while now? Perhaps you are employed but you are looking to make a change. Whatever the case, if you have recently realized that you could really use some help figuring things out in addition to making your resume much more… Read more »

Fish Creek Adopt-a-Stream Cleanup

If you are feeling the itch to get outside and contribute some volunteer effort to benefit Grand Prairie, you might want to participate in the Adopt-A-Stream clean up, announced on the City of Grand Prairie Volunteers page. This will be a land-based clean up, so you don’t need special wet gear or a boat or… Read more »

Snow Ho-Ho 2018

We may not have any snow in Grand Prairie, TX but we certainly have an abundance of the Christmas spirit! If your kiddos are getting quite into the holiday season and you’d love to share some fun with them reminiscent of your own childhood days, then the upcoming Snow Ho-Ho may be just the event… Read more »