Month: September 2018

Answering Some Simple “Why” Questions You May Wonder About

There are so very many “why” questions that you can come up with in regard to your smile that if we were to ask you to simply begin rattling then off, you might not know where to begin! While you may feel tempted to look around online for the information you’re curious about as it… Read more »

3 Things You Want To Avoid (And How To Do So)

Are you worried about any particular oral health issue? A potential problem with your smile? Are you primarily concerned with damage or your dental care and how to avoid running into problems? If so, our Grand Prairie, TX team is thrilled that you’re so concerned with prevention, as it’s certainly the way to go! Regarding… Read more »

Cowboy Cops And Kids 2018

Remember how you marveled at police horses when you were a little kid? (Okay, maybe you still get excited about cops on horseback!). Fortunately, the upcoming Cowboy Cops and Kids event will delight children (of all ages) with a fun experience that will let you get up close to these majestic animals, while you get… Read more »

How Do You Know If Bonding Is What You Need?

You know that you want your smile to not look the way it’s been looking lately (or possibly for most of your life!). You know that dental bonding seemed to sound like something that would work for your particular needs as you work toward a smile you feel excited about in an esthetic sense. However,… Read more »

Tooth Pain: 2 Times You’re Accidentally Causing It

Sometimes, tooth pain will affect you and you will notice you’re not really sure where the problem is coming from. Other times, tooth discomfort will appear and you’ll have a fairly good idea regarding why it’s started (and how to make it stop). In either case, it’s entirely possible that you are the major contributing… Read more »

Dental Floss: Stuff You Don’t Think About (But Should!)

There are some suggestions our Grand Prairie, TX team loves to offer our patients in regard to dental hygiene. Today, we would love to specifically talk about some things you might not really consider in relation to dental floss but that you really should. Why, you ask? Well, because when you plan ahead and keep… Read more »

3 Ways Sleep Apnea Makes Life Harder

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is more common than some people realize. In fact, many people who have it don’t know, and therefore, don’t know that they should seek help from their dentist to treat it. However, over time, the sleep disorder can have several effects on your daily life and wellbeing that make it… Read more »

3 Helpful Suggestions For Pre-Winter Planning

Yes, we know that winter feels far, far away and the fact that we’ve been seeing autumn decorations and more in stores has already been slightly overwhelming. Of course, there are still some days left of the summer season, so talking about winter, well … it may seem quite premature. True, those colder days seem… Read more »