Month: March 2018

How Habits With Little Ones Transition Into Adulthood

While you’re usually most focused on the task at hand, such as convincing your child to brush or dreaming about the day when your kids can practice dental hygiene independently, you may sometimes forget to take the future into account. All of the little steps (and big steps) you take in regard to dental care… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: 3 Responses And How They Will Affect You

What to do if you recently found out that you require root canal therapy? Perhaps your instinct is to run away, hide out, and pretend you never heard your diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Maybe you are okay with the idea but you just really want to receive some answers first. As you may have guessed,… Read more »

Do You Really Want Dental Implants?

You may like the idea of dental implants. However, getting involved in actually receiving them is another story. Are you sure that you really want them to replace your missing teeth or do they just sound wonderful? If you’re having trouble sorting out fantasy from reality, we are happy to remind you that this is… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Making Extra Room

Sometimes, the tooth extraction that you need isn’t about the fact that you may have missed some brushing sessions here and there and, as a result, your tooth became diseased. Sometimes, it’s not about accidentally ending up with trauma to your tooth, thereby requiring an extraction. In some instances, and this is more common than… Read more »

Trained Parrot Show

If you ever think to yourself, “I sure wish there was something new to experience,” then you may need to look no further than the upcoming Trained Parrot Show. Yep, just like it sounds, you and your family are invited to take a closer look at some extraordinarily talented birds who are sure to impress.

Emergency Dental Care: Tooth Pain Questions!

If you find that you’re suddenly in severe pain and it’s tooth pain that’s affecting you, it can be confusing to figure out how to react. The best solution when serious discomfort occurs is to let us know right away. It is not going to prove that you’re brave and strong if you try to… Read more »

Let’s Talk Crown Details

Have you been wondering why a crown is called a crown? Are you curious about what may happen to your smile in the future that may leave you in need of a dental crown? We can quickly clear up your curiosity with simple explanations.

Dental Bridge: The 3 Things You Should Remember

If you’re new to figuring out teeth replacement solutions, then you’re just becoming introduced to dental bridges and other prosthetics that can solve your concern. When it’s time to become more familiar with whether the bridge will cover your requirements, provide you with the improvement you seek, and more, it’s best to get started with… Read more »

Make A Macaroon

What happens when you think about macaroons? Do you start to salivate just a bit? Does a huge smile spread across your face? If so, why not try your hand at learning to bake these little delicacies, so you can have them even more often? The upcoming Make A Macaroon event will give you the… Read more »