Month: March 2020

What Can Implants Do for Your Restoration?

Today’s dental restorations, especially those that are meant to replace lost teeth, are often designed to be so lifelike that they’re nearly identical to your healthy, natural teeth in appearance. However, appearance isn’t all that makes a natural tooth, and there’s more to its structure than what you see above your gums. The roots of… Read more »

Tooth Extraction – Is It Possible to Avoid It?

Tooth extraction is the kind of dental treatment that many people dread once they’re told they need it, but that really shouldn’t be postponed any longer once it becomes necessary. With the goal of preserving and restoring your smile, your dentist will typically recommend restorative treatment to save your healthy, natural tooth structure, if possible…. Read more »

Can a Dental Crown Help You Keep Your Tooth?

Dental crowns are one of the more popular forms of restorative dental treatment, and for many good reasons. Designed to mimic a healthy, natural tooth’s crown, the restoration is meant to be bonded over a tooth that’s been damaged or structurally compromised in some way. Given the progressive nature of tooth damage (your tooth doesn’t… Read more »

Why You Should Take Root Canal Therapy Seriously

For some people, the fact that tooth decay and cavities can develop for nearly anyone can make the condition seem less serious. After all, cavities are often treated fairly easily with tooth-colored fillings, before they have a chance to become severe. However, tooth decay can become much more serious if given enough time, which is… Read more »

The Biocompatible Nature of Tooth-Colored Fillings

When it comes to your dental health, prevention is always the best medicine, but when it fails, the way in which you address any problems that develop will have a lasting impact on your long-term oral health. While prevention is best, natural, minimally invasive and biocompatible treatment is second-best. That’s why we utilize tooth-colored fillings… Read more »

Things You Might Not Know Porcelain Veneers Can Do

Your smile’s a major part of your overall appearance, so when something affects it, it’s natural to want to improve it. Cosmetic dental treatment is designed to help you do just that, with several treatment options that can be customized to meet your specific smile concerns and needs. With porcelain veneers, many patients can achieve… Read more »

Thinking About Improving Your Smile with Gum Contouring?

A gummy smile isn’t like many other cosmetic dental concerns. Unlike teeth stains, for instance, some people with a gummy smile may not consider their a condition a hindrance to their smile’s appearance. Therefore, they may choose to ignore it and never seek treatment to correct the symmetry of their gum line. However, while it… Read more »

A Look at Tooth Bonding’s Benefits to Your Smile

As a cosmetic dentistry option, tooth bonding has become popular for its ability to address a wide range of cosmetic tooth concerns quickly, and with minimal or no changes to your tooth structure. Yet, for patients with certain types of cosmetic concerns, the benefits of cosmetic tooth bonding go far beyond improving a tooth’s appearance…. Read more »