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Keeping Little Teeth Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a thrilling time for children, filled with costumes, candy, and spooky adventures. However, as a parent, you might find yourself concerned about the impact of all those sugary treats on your child’s dental health. Fear not; with some thoughtful planning and guidance, you can help your little ones enjoy Halloween while keeping their… Read more »

📚🦷 Back to School Dental Health Tips for a Brighter Smile! 🦷📚

Hey there, students and parents! As we gear up for another exciting academic year, it’s essential to ensure that we’re not only prepped with school supplies but also equipped with the knowledge to maintain good dental health. A healthy smile can boost your confidence and set the tone for a successful school year. So, let’s… Read more »

DIY Dental Care: Yes Or No?

There’s probably part of you that sees a DIY dental care idea online and thinks that it seems amazing and you should just throw caution to the wind and give it a try. However, there’s probably a different part of you that thinks, “This is probably a bit risky, maybe I should visit my dentist… Read more »

Tongue Piercing: A Helpful Quiz

Has a tongue piercing been something you’ve been considering for a while now? Perhaps inspiration suddenly struck and you thought to yourself that this is something you feel is a good choice for you at the moment. Whatever the reason behind it, we encourage you to take some time to think things over. Not sure… Read more »

Quiz: How Many Teeth?

You very well may have a quick answer to a long list of questions about your smile. Details about prevention? You know it. Stuff about what to do when you end up with a cavity? You’re right there with a solution. However, if someone were to ask you about how many permanent teeth you have,… Read more »

Dental Checkups FAQs

Are you someone who knows all that there is to know about dental checkups? Are you certain about how frequently to see us, why it’s so important that we see you, and what you can really expect to get out of keeping up with your preventive care? If not, you probably have some questions that… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz

As you navigate what can feel like the big, complex world of dental hygiene, you may notice that the requirements are actually not all that overwhelming. In fact, taking care of your smile, so your smile continues to look good, feel good, and avoid serious problems, takes just minutes of your day. To help you feel… Read more »

Your Smile Needs TLC

You might be surprised that your extremely hard, resilient teeth are not in need of the extremely tough love you might think they need to keep them clean and healthy. Instead, consistent TLC (tender loving care, that is) happens to be just what the dentist ordered! While this is an easy way to sum up what… Read more »

Your Toothbrush Selection Checklist

It can be shocking to learn that beyond the fact that you need a toothbrush, it’s important that you choose a good toothbrush. What, exactly, you may wonder, makes a good toothbrush? Well, there are a variety of items you need to consider when purchasing your brush for effective dental hygiene. Rather than cause you… Read more »

Is It Time For Your Child To See The Dentist?

Scheduling your own dentist appointments is fairly easy, but many parents aren’t sure when it’s time for their child to see the dentist. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), your child should see their dentist around age 1 or within 6 months of their first tooth erupting. Don’t panic if you have a toddler… Read more »