Month: November 2016

Gum Disease Quiz

If gum disease is new to you, then you might not know much about it at all. You probably have a good understanding that it’s bad for your smile and your oral health in general but that doesn’t translate into extensive knowledge on the topic. To help ensure you’re educated regarding what to do if… Read more »

Whiter Teeth: How Long Does It Take?

The holidays are upon us, which probably means more than the usual number of friendly smiles and warm hugs. There are likely to be photo ops galore, and that is good reason to want to feel comfortable with your smile. If you’ve been wondering about whitening your teeth, and how long whitening procedures take to… Read more »

Oral Health And Pregnancy: Essential Knowledge

With pregnancy comes a long, long list of inquiries. Particularly with a first pregnancy comes a long list of questions about things you have simply never needed to consider before. For instance, you might wonder if your expectant state is going to affect your oral health, if your usual dental hygiene is going to need… Read more »

Baby Teeth: The Little Details

Do you know what baby teeth are? They’re the first set of teeth that show up on the scene as your little one teethes and a smile begins to appear. While you might already be familiar with these details of children’s oral health, you might not know very much more about first teeth. For instance, are… Read more »

Is A Bridge Right For You? Ask Yourself These Questions.

When you’re making up your mind as you learn which potential tooth replacement options are (or are not) right for you, you’ll likely focus some of your time learning about dental bridges. As a result, some questions are probably going to follow. Since we have worked with many patients over the years, we can quickly… Read more »

Dental Contouring: Question Lightning Round

Wondering if the seemingly magical cosmetic treatment called dental contouring that you’ve stumbled across is really all you’ve heard that it is? We understand not wanting to be disappointed and worrying that a treatment is too good to be true. The good news with contouring is that it really does offer a wealth of benefits… Read more »

3 Ways To Improve Your Chewing

Are you experiencing problems in the chewing department? If you’re looking for a way to achieve effective chewing, there’s probably something off with your oral health. As a result, we suggest you contact us immediately to set up an appointment. We will then be able to determine whether you need a treatment to address an… Read more »

3 Tips For Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is coming up in a jiffy, which means you will be meticulously (or chaotically, depending on whether you’re a procrastinator or not) packing for your holiday vacation. While you will certainly remember your clothing and your tickets, you might overlook some important details. Namely, we find that patients commonly arrive at their destination only… Read more »