Is A Bridge Right For You? Ask Yourself These Questions.

dentalbridgeWhen you’re making up your mind as you learn which potential tooth replacement options are (or are not) right for you, you’ll likely focus some of your time learning about dental bridges. As a result, some questions are probably going to follow. Since we have worked with many patients over the years, we can quickly collect questions frequently asked about nearly any dental-related topic you can imagine. For now, let’s consider a few such inquiries that will help you along on your journey toward replacing teeth.

Question #1: “Am I looking for a fixed tooth replacement or a temporary one?”

It’s important to ask yourself this question and to think it over for a while. Consider the pros and cons of a fixed device (one that we bond in place) and a removable device (one that you can take out when you need to). If a fixed device works, a dental bridge may be a good option. If not, try dentures.

Question #2: “Do I want to have the option of implant support?”

You can choose to receive a dental bridge with traditional support or with implant support. The good news is that if it’s important to you to choose a way to replace multiple teeth and to receive support from implants you now that this is an option.

Question #3: “Am I missing one or up to three teeth (in a row)?”

You need to be aware of this qualification. If you are missing one tooth, two teeth, or three teeth and you want a dental bridge, you’re halfway there. The teeth must also rest next to each other in order for a bridge to become a viable solution.