Month: August 2018

Agreeing To A Dental Crown: Things You’re Wondering

You know that it’s time to agree to the dental crown we have recommended for you, so your smile is all better. However, you also know that if you keep your curiosity to yourself about particular aspects of this method of fixing your tooth, you’re going to feel quite anxious come procedure day. Don’t let… Read more »

Dental Sensitivity: Things You Should And Should Not Do

There are some things you absolutely should do when you end up with dental sensitivity. Then, of course, there are some things you should certainly not do. While some may seem extremely obvious to you, there may be other actions you end up taking that can actually make matters worse. Since we would greatly prefer… Read more »

Fall Into Vegetable Gardening

What is it about the end of summer that gets your blood pressure on the rise? Is it the fact that it means autumn is headed our way, so the holiday season is beginning its steady approach? No? What’s that you say? It’s trying to tackle fall gardening, as you have wonderful intentions but not… Read more »

Cavities: A Few Facts To Review Occasionally

When you think about cavities, you know that it’s a problem treatable by our Grand Prairie, TX team. You know that they’re some of the main things you’re fighting off when you practice your dental hygiene and when you see us for care. However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a few pointers to review… Read more »

Your Smile Health: What’s That Annoying Sound?

Your smile health is something that may provide you with some clues when things aren’t quite on track. If you’re noticing that you’re actually hearing sounds as symptoms of something that’s changed, our Grand Prairie, TX team reminds you that there’s no reason to become overly alarmed. Symptoms show up in all sorts of ways,… Read more »

3 Things To Schedule Right This Second!

There are some things you can wait around on in life. Want a haircut? You might not look amazing at the moment but you can make it work until you have time to see your hair stylist! Maybe you were hoping to refinish your kitchen floor but you’re going to wait for a year or… Read more »

Boz Scaggs 2018

What’s your favorite Boz Scaggs track? If you were quick to answer that one, whether it was “Lido Shuffle” or “Lowdown” (or anything else), then you probably have a special spot in your heart for this singer songwriter. We have a hunch you’d also probably be upset if you heard you’d missed him and in… Read more »

3 True Things About Implants (That Seem Too Wonderful)

There are some really amazing benefits of dental implants that you may have heard about and, instead of feeling extremely excited about them, you may instead have found yourself just glazing over them. Why? Well, possibly because like many patients, the details sound too good, which makes you question whether implants are all they’re cracked… Read more »

School Is Almost Here: Let’s Talk Basics!

When you think about back to school stuff, we know that you might be doing your best every morning to pull the blankets over your head and hide out for as long as you possibly can. At some point, however, it’s going to be time to face the music, which will include shopping, planning, prepping,… Read more »