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What Dental Care for Children Usually Means

Regular dental health care is important for everyone, but for children, it may not always entail the same things as it does for adults. For example, most basic dental health care concepts are similar no matter the age of the patient, such as the need for regular cleaning and professional examination. However, some concerns are… Read more »

What Dental Care Means for Your Child

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is important for keeping any smile healthy and beautiful. For children, however, the reasons for visiting the dentist regularly can sometimes be a little different than reasons why adult need dental care. The differences stem mainly from the fact that your child is still learning to take care… Read more »

Smile-Friendly 4th Of July Fun With The Kids! 

Whether you’re prepared or not, the 4th of July is going to show up and with quite a bang (or some big booms, thanks to the lovely fireworks that will light up the evening sky!). So, if you are a parent and you have kids’ smiles to take into consideration, our Grand Prairie, TX team… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Awareness Month: When The Answer Is Yes

Learning that Sleep Apnea Awareness Month happens each March may stoke a bit of a fire for patients who have been wondering about this disorder. What is it that you haven’t followed through on learning about in regard to this issue that makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the sleep you want and need, our… Read more »

Fluoride: Answering Lots Of Questions Stressing You Out

When you see our Grand Prairie, TX team for dental checkups and cleanings, one of the lessons you will learn is that fluoride in your toothpaste is good for your oral health and the smiles of your family. However, when you go home and head back out into the world, you may hear things that… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: 3 Oral Health Protectors

You could probably collaborate with us in coming up with a list a mile long of beneficial things you could do to protect your smile as well as the oral health of your child. However, life is busy, the days often seem shorter and shorter, and what you really need is a streamlined approach to… Read more »

School Is Almost Here: Let’s Talk Basics!

When you think about back to school stuff, we know that you might be doing your best every morning to pull the blankets over your head and hide out for as long as you possibly can. At some point, however, it’s going to be time to face the music, which will include shopping, planning, prepping,… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Common Kid Care Questions

One day, your children have baby teeth that you look after. Then, they’re suddenly old enough to care for their own teeth. Next, they have permanent teeth that they’re keeping healthy. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a curveball shows up: You realize your kids who seem so much older and are nearly entering (or have… Read more »

Baby Teeth: Your Q&A Session

As you may have noticed, your children’s baby teeth are not exactly like your own. Unfortunately, this can cause some confusion in regard to dental care. It can also lead to some uncertainty about what to expect from these teeth and how to ensure you’re doing what your little one needs for great oral health…. Read more »

Quiz: Halloween And Your Kids

Are you ready to deal with the upcoming inundation of piles and piles of candy that are headed our way? Perhaps as far as you are concerned for yourself, it’s a cinch! However, when it comes to figuring out how to feel like a parent that’s equal parts responsible and fun, would you say that… Read more »