Our Practice

Welcome to Our Grand Prairie Office

We are a patient-focused dental practice offering every dental service under one roof. Each member strives to perfect his or her skills so that the service and products rendered are second to none. We bring a positive and joyful attitude and always seek to improve. We ask ourselves each day, “If I were in the patient’s shoes, what would I want and how would I like to be treated?” Each team member lightens the load of others by being teamwork focused in a systems and goal-driven framework. We all do our part to make the practice culture fun and enjoyable …truly making it an exciting and fulfilling practice to be a part of.

  • EXCELLENCE:  We sincerely strive for excellence and mastery in every personal and professional endeavor and area of our lives.
  • POSITIVE:  We are happy, fun, and positive in our words and deeds… not allowing negativity to creep in, but rather building people up through positive attitudes and actions.
  • CARING:  We treat patients and fellow team members with gentleness and kindness… nurturing our relationships with each other and lightening their burdens.
  • UNITY:   We are unified in a common cause to fulfill the mission, vision, core values, and in accomplishing practice goals.  We demonstrate teamwork in a systems-driven practice.
  • INTEGRITY:  We are honest and accountable in all we do and say… maintaining strong moral principles.
  • GROWTH:  We are always aspiring for excellence and mastery… eagerly learning and growing in a systems-driven framework. We are striving for and reaching personal and professional goals.
  • CHARITABLE:  We acknowledge our many blessings and find ways to assist those less fortunate through service and financial means.

Our focus on your comfort

From the moment you enter our office, our dedication to your comfort is apparent. Our clean, welcoming, and peaceful waiting room includes the latest issues of your favorite magazines, large televisions, free Wi-Fi access, and more. We’re also skilled at helping children feel comfortable and at-ease during their dental visits, and our wide range of treatment options helps ensure we can care for all of your family’s smiles under one roof.

Our focus on your care

To address every patient’s unique dental health needs, we offer a wide range of treatment options that we tailor to meet everyone’s specific concerns and preferences. We don’t just focus on treating your smile, but also helping you optimize your immediate and long-term oral health through comprehensive education and highly personalized care. Our goal is to make your dental care as comfortable and convenient as we can so you can always enjoy the benefits of a consistently healthy smile.

Visit our family dental practice

As a family dental office, we’re especially skilled and equipped to provide high-quality care to every member of your family. When you’re ready to schedule a visit with our team, call the Pecan Tree Dental office in Grand Prairie, TX, today at (972) 262-5111. We also proudly serve the residents of Arlington, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, and all surrounding communities.