Gum Contouring

Did you know that changing the shape and size of your gums may be the key to enhancing your smile? If you have small teeth or show too much gum when you talk or smile, gum contouring (alone or in combination with other cosmetic treatments) can improve your appearance.

Who Can Benefit from Gum Contouring?

Anyone who is unhappy with or self-conscious about their smile because it is too “gummy” – meaning that the gums dip too far below the upper lip when they smile – can benefit from gum contouring. The procedure removes excess gum material so the teeth, not the gums, are the star of the smile. Removing excess gum material uncovers more of the tooth surface, making the teeth look larger.

Sometimes Dr. Smith will recommend gum contouring as a complementary treatment for another cosmetic dentistry procedure – such as veneers, whitening, or dental bonding.

What to Expect

Gum contouring has become more mainstream, thanks to technology. Years ago, dentists relied on scalpels to slice away gum material. But at Pecan Tree Dental, Dr. Smith uses a soft-tissue laser to gently sculpt the gums, usually in just one visit. The laser removes excess gum, and instantly cauterizes the area to stop bleeding and promote healing. You’ll be able to see the results instantly when you smile.

After gum contouring, expect your gums to be sore for a couple of days. Over-the-counter pain relievers can alleviate discomfort.

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