Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

What Is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Sometimes improving your smile requires more than just one custom-designed treatment. For instance, your teeth might exhibit discoloration, chipped or cracked surfaces, worn down structures, odd spaces, and much more, all at once. A cosmetic full-mouth rehabilitation plan is a combination of treatments designed to address all of your smile’s concerns in a comfortable, minimally invasive manner. If appropriate, you may even benefit from IV sedation to help you remain comfortable and calm throughout the course of your full-mouth rehabilitation treatment.

What it may involve

Because everyone’s smile is different, your full-mouth rehabilitation plan will be custom-designed to meet your specific needs. To that end, it may include one or more of the following treatments:

  • Teeth-whitening – to erase stains on the surfaces of your teeth and brighten your smile’s overall appearance.
  • Bonding and/or contouring – to conservatively correct issues such as chipped teeth, overlapping edges, minor cracks, and more.
  • Gum contouring – to even out an uneven gum line (or gummy smile) to give your smile a more symmetrical and attractive appearance.
  • Porcelain veneers – to correct a multitude of concerns, from severe discoloration to more substantial tooth wear and damage, and more.

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With a custom full-mouth rehabilitation plan, you can correct all of your smile’s concerns and enjoy the smile you deserve. To learn more about full-mouth rehabilitation, or to schedule a visit with us, call the Pecan Tree Dental office in Grand Prairie, TX, today at (972) 262-5111. We also proudly serve the residents of Arlington, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, and all surrounding communities.