Tooth Fillings

Customized Dental Fillings

Cavities are one of the most common maladies to affect teeth. Fortunately, they’re also one of the more easily treatable conditions. A cavity, which is caused by the development and progression of tooth decay, is a hole in your tooth’s structure. It continues to grow larger as your tooth decay grows worse, though we can often stop the cavity’s progression by cleaning away the decay and filling it with a biocompatible filling material. At our office, we can carefully design and place your filling according to the specific location and extent of your cavity, using metal amalgam or composite resin, according to your unique needs and preferences.

What is a tooth filling?

A tooth filling is called such because it fills the cavity (hole) in your tooth caused by decay. The purpose is two-fold; after removing the infected tooth structure, the filling reinforces the tooth’s structural integrity. Also, the filling seals off the exposed section of your tooth, protecting it from harmful oral bacteria that could lead to more severe tooth infection. Once the filling is placed in your tooth, it should not only restore its strength, but also help ensure that it doesn’t become infected with decay again.

Choosing the right restoration

Today’s tooth fillings can be crafted from different materials, such as traditional metal amalgam or more cosmetically pleasing composite resin. While metal fillings used to be the most popular filling material, increasingly more patients are choosing more natural looking tooth-colored composite resin, instead. The resin is comprised of finely ground acrylic and quartz-like particles, giving it a more natural and lifelike appearance. Before choosing the right filling for you, we’ll thoroughly examine your teeth and oral health to ensure optimal restorative and cosmetic results.

Treat your cavity with the right filling

Cavities can be more than a nuisance, but the right tooth filling can help save your tooth and ensure that it remains safe from more extensive tooth decay. To learn more about modern tooth fillings, or to schedule a visit, call us at the Pecan Tree Dental office in Grand Prairie, TX, today at (972) 262-5111. We also proudly serve the residents of Arlington, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, and all surrounding communities.