Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes, tooth decay reaches the advanced stages – eating through the tooth’s enamel and dentin, and right on through to the pulp chamber (root canal) of the tooth. Once tooth decay becomes this deep, it causes extreme pain. The only feasible options are tooth extraction or root canal therapy. Other reasons for root canal therapy include any injury or trauma to the tooth that reaches the tooth’s nerve, or a tooth abscess or infection that affects the nerve.

What to Expect

If Dr. Smith determines that you need root canal therapy, he’ll talk to you about the procedure in advance. Often, the treatment takes more than one visit. Sometimes (if you have an infection or abscess), he will prescribe you a course of antibiotics to complete before the root canal treatment.

When you come in, Dr. Smith will numb the area surrounding the tooth in question and probably have you breathe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to calm your nerves. He will place a plastic dam in your mouth to isolate and help keep dry the area where he’ll be working. Meticulously, he will then begin to remove the infected or compromised pulp.

Once Dr. Smith is confident that he has removed all of the infected material, he will gently disinfect and dry the chamber and then apply a rubbery material to seal it. Finally, he’ll apply a filling or cap to protect the tooth.

Why it’s Worth It

Getting root canal therapy is one of the most time-consuming dental procedures, but in the long run it is better than the alternative – tooth extraction. A root canal saves the tooth as a “place holder” in your mouth. This eliminates the need to be fitted with a dental implant, and saves you the embarrassment of a missing tooth.

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