Month: February 2018

2 Lies You Tell Yourself About Fillings

There are some lies you may be telling yourself about dental fillings. Of course, you’re not doing this intentionally. You may be trying to rationalize reasons it’s okay for you to just avoid coming in for care to address tooth decay (even though you really do need treatment). You may have heard rumors. Or, you… Read more »

Free Cholesterol Screenings

Are you curious about your cholesterol levels? Have you had concerns in the past? Honestly have never been screened before? The good news is that for whatever reason you feel it is time to learn more about this detail of your health, you may receive a screening at the Free Cholesterol Screenings by Kroger Pharmacy… Read more »

3 Times To Clean Your Hands

There are some obvious times that you should clean your hands. Perhaps you’ve just prepped a meal and you’ve touched beef or poultry. Time to wash your hands! Maybe you’ve just used the restroom. Again, time to wash your hands! However, what about other instances when cleaning your hands will help protect your oral health?… Read more »

Dry Mouth: 2 Signs It’s Time To See Us

There are varying levels of dealing with dry mouth. You may experience it temporarily as the result of taking a course of medicine or due to congestion. Once you’re through with the meds and your congestion is gone, you may stop mouth breathing and your mouth will return to its usual self. However, you may… Read more »

Tips: When You’re Awaiting Your Visit For…

Have you scheduled a dental care visit with us? When you’re coming in for a particular issue, whether it’s discomfort, discoloration, or otherwise, we generally advise you to take it easy. We know you may feel like you should be doing something proactive but, to the contrary, it’s usually best to take a hands off… Read more »

Free Tax Help

Maybe you have always done your own taxes but this year, you have some questions. Perhaps you have never done them yourself, so you are not sure where to begin. If you need help, never fear: The Free Tax Help event is here!

Flossing Frustration: We Can Help!

It’s one thing to avoid flossing because you are simply never in the mood to do it. It’s another thing to floss and practice dental hygiene as you are supposed to but to find yourself up against some serious frustration! To help you maintain the level of personal dental care you’re dedicated to, we encourage… Read more »

Like Ice As A Snack? Time To Change!

You may find that when you’re feeling hungry or just want to nibble on something, it seems that reaching for a cup full of ice is a good idea. Or, when summer is in full swing, eating ice is refreshing and absolutely free of calories. Plus, you know that water is neutral in its pH,… Read more »