Like Ice As A Snack? Time To Change!

You may find that when you’re feeling hungry or just want to nibble on something, it seems that reaching for a cup full of ice is a good idea. Or, when summer is in full swing, eating ice is refreshing and absolutely free of calories. Plus, you know that water is neutral in its pH, which means it is perfectly safe for your oral health. So, why might we be telling you that this is not a wise idea if you want to protect your teeth? Well, it’s all about the form that your H2O is in! Discover more.

It’s A Tooth Breaker

Ice is not your smile’s friend. It’s your smile’s foe. Visualize an ice cube for a moment. It’s extremely hard to break apart. When you ask your teeth to break one down, you’re putting your teeth in harm’s way. The pressure could end up chipping teeth. It could crack your teeth. It could damage dental work that’s in place, such as a crown or a dental bridge. Avoid the ice, so you don’t end up with very easy-to-prevent oral health problems.

It’s A Jaw Irritator

In addition to damaging the structure of your teeth, ice can also cause some serious irritation to your jaw joints. It requires your TMJs to work overtime and places a lot of stress on them. If you do this a lot, you may either make your TMJ disorder worse or you may end up causing it to develop.

It’s A Bruxism Encourager, Too!

Another oral health concern that may become aggravated or that may be encouraged by ice eating? Bruxism, which is a problem that includes daily and involuntary yet habitual teeth grinding or clenching.

Avoid Damage With Some Helpful Advice

Remember that even the simplest of tips for your smile can result in you providing your smile with extra protection. Need some advice? Ask for details! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.