Month: May 2013

Grand Prairie Dentist Explains When Dental Crowns Become Necessary

Dental crowns are dental devices, made out of varying materials, that repair and reinforce teeth so that they become functional once again. Dental crowns can also improve the cosmetic appearance of damaged teeth. But when does a dental crown become necessary? Your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, discusses several situations that necessitate dental crowns… Read more »

Arlington Dentist Challenges Parents to a Quiz

As a parent, you are faced with many responsibilities to ensure your child’s continuing health, safety, and happiness. Among those responsibilities are helping your child navigate oral health problems. To help you in your endeavor to keep your child’s mouth healthy, your Arlington dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, has created this quiz so that you can… Read more »

Arlington Dentist: Does Vitamin D Fight Cavities?

Nutrition is a major part of our health. If we put the right vitamins and nutrients into our bodies, we typically see an improvement in our health. But does the same hold true for the mouth? Researchers continue to debate whether or not vitamin D plays a role in preventing cavities, and below, your Arlington… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Reminds You to Take Care of Your Gums

Many people worry first and foremost about their teeth when it comes to their oral health. They seek to prevent cavities and focus mostly on brushing in their homecare. However, homecare should also address the gums, which are vital to your oral health. If uncared for, gums can potentially develop gum disease, which can devastate… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Answers Your Questions about Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extractions typically become necessary in the late teenage years or during early adulthood. However, many people are unclear as to why it is necessary to extract wisdom teeth at all. Below, your GrandPrairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, explains the reasoning behind wisdom teeth extraction as he answers your most frequently asked questions about… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Takes a Closer Look at Toothaches

A toothache can start off as a minor annoyance. However, if it lingers, pain and frustration can feel like constant companions. Some toothaches can indicate serious problems in the mouth, while others may be fleeting sensitivities. How, then, can you tell the difference between them. Below, your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, examines four… Read more »

Looking for a Brighter Smile? Your Grand Prairie Dentist Has the Answer.

The color of your teeth may be affecting you more than you think. If you make a conscious effort to hide your teeth because they are yellow or stained, you are not receiving the benefits that come from cracking a genuine smile. Research indicates that people who smile more often are able to improve their… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses Four Types of Dental Crowns

A weakened tooth is susceptible to damage in the forms of cracking, chipping, and breaking. If damage is more severe, as in the case of a broken tooth, a dental crown can reinforce the tooth, restore its function, and improve its aesthetic appeal. But did you know that there are several types of dental crowns?… Read more »