Month: June 2014

How Dental Implants Compare to Traditional Dentures

Though today’s modern implant dentures are far more advanced than what our ancestors could have imagined, the idea of crafting artificial teeth to replace thenatural ones you’ve lost originated long ago. In fact, the earliest known example of tooth replacement comes from the Etruscans of ancient Italy, who crafted primitive dentures from human and animal… Read more »

Is TMJ Disorder Your Problem?

Does your jaw pop and click when you open and close it? Do your jaw and/or face feel stiff, sore, and chronically uncomfortable? Your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, has helped many patients find relief from craniofacial discomfort by treating a condition known as TMJ disorder, which affects the joints and muscles that control your jaw’s… Read more »

Tooth Decay Explained: Preventive Dentistry Practices

Your teeth are like the gatekeepers to the rest of your body. As you eat, drink, or inhale, various foods, liquids, particles, and chemicals your mouth acts as the gateway to your body. Teeth remain an important piece of the oral health puzzle, and they require special treatment just like any A-list celebrity you see… Read more »

Win Wisdom With This Fluoride Quiz

Among the various conditions that one can experience in their mouth, tooth decay remains one of the most prevalent. Alongside gum disease, tooth decay is preventable with at-home dental care, in-office checkups and cleanings, and an awareness of diet. If you didn’t already know, the development of dental caries (cavities) in your teeth is a… Read more »

Steady Your Nerves With Sedation Dentistry

It’s normal to feel uneasy about certain things in life. You’re not alone. Anxiety and fear are internal mechanisms that derive from self-preservation. However, anxiousness and fearfulness can harm you in more ways than one. If you’re apprehensive towards visiting the dentist due to irrational fear, rumors, or childhood memories, Dr. Smith at Pecan Tree… Read more »

Halitosis: Five Common Bad Breath Causes

There are very few things worse than morning breath. The stench that emanates from your mouth upon waking could scare off the dog, the children, or even your significant other. However, bad breath (halitosis) isn’t as severe as it seems, but it can affect your life in a negative way if not treated or addressed… Read more »

A Dental Crown Quiz From Dr. Smith

Did you know that summer is nearly here? June 21 at 10:51 UCT marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you have a damaged, decayed, or discolored tooth you would like restored? Dr. Smith and our team at Pecan Tree Dental offer teeth restorations to enhance or correct your smile. Why… Read more »

Let Your Lifestyle Lead Your Teeth Whitening Endeavor

Many of us indulge in coffee, wine, tea, or other dark beverages. We also enjoy darker pigmented foods, too. Although the beverages and foods may satisfy your taste buds and hunger, they can have adverse effects on your tooth enamel. Stains and color imperfections can result from the routine consumption of specific foods, beverages, or… Read more »

More to Know About Tobacco

Chances are, you know that smoking and chewing tobacco are among the worst things you can do to your body. The devastating effects of tobacco use are well-documented and often discussed, yet an estimated 19.3% of adults aged 18 and older in the United States smoke cigarettes. To help raise awareness of the dangers of… Read more »

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Dental Cleaning?

Hopefully, you already know that brushing and flossing your teeth are essential to keeping your mouth clean and free of disease. However, ensuring your smile’s long-term health also requires regularly scheduled visits to the dentist’s office for thorough dental exams and cleanings. To help you understand the importance of professional dentistry’s role in your oral… Read more »