How Dental Implants Compare to Traditional Dentures

Though today’s modern implant dentures are far more advanced than what our ancestors could have imagined, the idea of crafting artificial teeth to replace thenatural ones you’ve lost originated long ago. In fact, the earliest known example of tooth replacement comes from the Etruscans of ancient Italy, who crafted primitive dentures from human and animal teeth around 700 BC. Today, innovative and lifelike materials have replaced used teeth, but the philosophy remains the same; restore your mouth’s full set of teeth to restore your ability to chew and speak properly. Along with innovation, however, has come a greater understanding of our oral health, and we now know that restoring lost teeth’s roots is as important as filling the space left in your smile.

A Look at Modern Dentures

Modern dentures are crafted from high-quality dental porcelain, which is tinted to match your smile’s natural color and layered to mimic your enamel’s light-reflecting properties. replacement teeth sit on a gum-colored base that is secured to your dental ridge using advanced dental adhesives. In the case of upper dentures, the appliance is further secured in place by the suction naturally created by the concave roof of your mouth. Dentures are custom-crafted to fit snugly on your dental ridge for optimal comfort and security, and by replacing your missing teeth, they help restore your ability to chew your food thoroughly and enunciate your words correctly.

Room for Improvement

As advanced and lifelike as modern dentures are, they cannot address the loss of your teeth’s roots. A dental implant, however, is surgically inserted into your jawbone to do exactly that. Made from biocompatible titanium, dental implantsare designed to allow your jawbone to fuse to its surface, holding the small post as securely as though it were a natural root. Once healed, your dental implants will be topped with a connective post upon which Dr. Smith can attach your implant-supported dentures. The improved security prevents your dentures from moving around as you eat or speak, and the implants are stimulated when you bite and chew, helping preserve your jawbone’s health by signaling your body to send it nutrients for adequate support.


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