Month: April 2018

Cinco De Mayo Parade

Why it’s not just any parade. It’s our town’s largest parade and it’s going to be packed full of a ton of fun! If you don’t have any plans set in stone just yet, then it may be time to jot down a reminder to visit the Cinco de Mayo Parade coming up quick!

Wisdom Teeth: Common Kid Care Questions

One day, your children have baby teeth that you look after. Then, they’re suddenly old enough to care for their own teeth. Next, they have permanent teeth that they’re keeping healthy. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a curveball shows up: You realize your kids who seem so much older and are nearly entering (or have… Read more »

Implant Placement: Offered At Our Practice!

You may wonder why it’s so exciting that we offer dental implant placement at our practice along with restorations to complete those implants. “Isn’t that how most practices do it?” you may think to yourself. As a matter of fact, many practices will refer you to an oral surgeon, who you will visit to have… Read more »

Good News About Oral Surgery

We have some exciting news for you about oral surgery! Didn’t think you’d ever be getting jazzed about surgical procedures for your smile but, lo and behold, here you are on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear more? As you know, when you need surgery for your smile it’s because other forms… Read more »

When You Really Need IV Sedation

There may be instances in which IV sedation is the best option for anesthesia during your visit with us. While this may not be completely foreign to you, if you don’t know much about it, then chances run quite high that you have questions and would like some reassurance before you schedule your oral surgery… Read more »

Main Street Fest 2018

Would you say that one of your favorite ways to spend time with friends and loved ones is with a good, old-fashioned festival that gets you outside under the sun (and the stars)? If so, don’t miss out on Main Street Fest, which will be here before you know it!

Dental Bonding: You Can Trust Its Reputation!

You might hear lots of cool things about dental bonding that present you with its reputation of an all-helpful, affordable, all-around beneficial cosmetic treatment. However, there may be a little part of your brain that perks up, begging the following question: Can you really rely on bonding’s reputation? Or, have you just gotten too carried… Read more »

Cosmetic Dental Care: Ways To Prepare

If you’re interested in receiving cosmetic dental care from our team, you know that this will come with some amount of preparation. However, you may not really know what that is going to include or what to expect from the entire experience. Good news: Instead of flooding you with a bunch of details, we have… Read more »