Month: January 2018

Teeth Whitening: 3 Time-Related Details

There are quite a lot of questions to ask when you’re thinking that it may be time for teeth whitening. Since the list could become quite a long one, and since you may already have gotten answers to preliminary concerns, we would like to make the focus of today the detail of time! The “when”… Read more »

What To Do Today, Tomorrow, In Six Months

When it comes to a timeline and your dental care, you may find that you sometimes have trouble keeping a solid perspective. One second, you’re thinking about the bigger picture and you have plans to keep your oral health safe. The next, you notice you’ve missed brushing your teeth for the day and it’s been… Read more »

Teen Pinterest Club

Have you ever gone down the rabbit’s hole of searching pin after pin on Pinterest? If so, you know how many amazing DIY projects you can find and how inspiring they look. Have you noticed your teen creating Pinterest boards and coming to you with ideas? If so, the upcoming Teen Pinterest Club might prove… Read more »

Your Dental Emergency: What To Remember!

It would put a smile on our faces to know that you never have to end up in an urgent situation in which your smile needs care now. However, we know that on a realistic level, it is entirely possible that such a moment may happen to you or one of our other patients at… Read more »

Surprising Things That End Up On (And In) Your Mouth!

Have you ever wondered about why your lips seem perfectly healthy one moment and then are really bothering you the next, even though you haven’t seemed to change up your routine at all? Have you ever thought about why the tip of your tongue feels strange out of nowhere? Let’s talk about some things that… Read more »

Smile Care: Excuses To Avoid

We all rely on some seemingly reasonable excuses from time to time when we don’t really want to do something. In certain instance, this isn’t too big of a deal because the consequences are minimal! However, when it comes to your smile care, when you give yourself an “out” for something that you really do… Read more »

Second Saturday Stitchers

Are you new to needlework (or possible a pro)? Do you fancy yourself quite the quilter? If sewing and the like are one of your passions, then you are cordially invited to the Second Saturday Stitchers event!

Teeth Whitening: The 3 Important Steps

Of course, once you know that you feel unhappy with the not-very-pleasing tint of your teeth, it’s time to snap into action. Most patients immediately decide that this issue calls for teeth whitening. In many cases, this is spot on! So, what do you do now? You know that you want your smile to look… Read more »

Things To Remember About Treating Sensitive Teeth

If you know that you need to treat your sensitive teeth but what you aren’t sure about is where to begin or what to do, then recognize you’re not alone. This is a very, very common complaint. Sensitivity can suddenly show up (or slowly creep up) as the result of so many factors. What you… Read more »