Teeth Whitening: The 3 Important Steps

Of course, once you know that you feel unhappy with the not-very-pleasing tint of your teeth, it’s time to snap into action. Most patients immediately decide that this issue calls for teeth whitening. In many cases, this is spot on! So, what do you do now? You know that you want your smile to look white but are there some sort of steps to take to get to the finished results you want? Of course there are: About three of them (and they’re very easy to follow).

Step #1: Find Out If It’s Right For You

Yes, teeth whitening might be just what you need. Or not. You can’t know this on your own, even if you research it ‘til the cows come home! So, do yourself the biggest favor in the world and call our practice. You’ll choose the time and date and then we can sit with you to talk over the stains you’ve accumulated and how to best make them go away.

Step #2: Schedule Your Visit

Now, you know whether it’s teeth whitening that is going to best resolve your issue with a stained smile or if perhaps something else will do the job even better. Regardless of your final cosmetic treatment decision, a glowing smile is on the horizon. Getting there is just a matter of scheduling the agreed upon treatment.

Step #3: Brush, Floss, Visit (Repeat)

Hooray! You have the smile you’ve always wanted. Now, how to keep it nice and white? Easy. Brush and floss, which is the same thing we always suggest for our patients on a daily basis (that’s brushing two times and flossing once). Keep your visits scheduled consistently. There’s really nothing more required.

Schedule Time To Learn About Achieving Whiter Teeth

By coming in to talk to us about your whiter smile goals, you can quickly discover your pathway to a vibrant grin. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.