Month: July 2015

Brush Up On Brushing Your Teeth

It seems like brushing your teeth is a no-brainer, right? It seems that brushing should just come natural, but there is brushing…and then there is brushing. If you brush your teeth fast and haphazardly you can miss areas of plaque. If you brush your teeth with the wrong kind of toothbrush you can damage your… Read more »

Getting Veneered

Most people have probably heard of dental veneers. They may think that they could never afford them, never need them, and best of all never want them, but you never know what the future holds. Dental veneers can serve you well if you happen to unfortunately get a few of your front teeth broken, or… Read more »

A Quiz About Organic Toothpaste

Did you know that some toothpaste consists of harmful chemicals? These chemicals can dry your oral tissues causing dry mouth, bad breath, and even canker sores. You wouldn’t expect that your toothpaste could actually make your mouth unhealthy while you are using it for the exact opposite reason. Some of these harmful ingredients found in… Read more »

Facts About Contouring

Do you see too much of your gums when you smile? Is there such a thing as seeing too much gum? If so, how much is too much? People have an innate attraction to beauty. We react favorably to an attractive smile or an attractive face. We may not know what makes them attractive, but… Read more »

The Kind Of Dental Treatment People Wish For

Dental bonding is one dental treatment that you do not have to fear. It is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that is quick, easy, affordable, and best of all: painless. There is no cutting or drilling with dental bonding. It is done with the same material that is used for white fillings–composite resin. It blends… Read more »

Can Intrinsic Tooth Stains Be Removed?

Did you know that there are different kinds of tooth stains? There are intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic means that the stains are inside the tooth. Extrinsic means the stains are on the exterior of the tooth. Your tooth is encapsulated with tooth enamel, so exterior stains are those that adhere to your tooth… Read more »

The Fluoride Question

Although it has been proven that fluoride is an effective way to fight cavities, there has always been a question as to its safety. Research and experience goes back 60 years when it comes to fluoride safety, yet there are still naysayers. It is good to question. It is good to be sure. In the1930s… Read more »