Facts About Contouring

gummyDo you see too much of your gums when you smile? Is there such a thing as seeing too much gum? If so, how much is too much? People have an innate attraction to beauty. We react favorably to an attractive smile or an attractive face. We may not know what makes them attractive, but we agree that they are. The amount of gum and teeth are two things that can make a smile attractive or not. If you have too much gum, you will be interested in facts about contouring.


  • The scientific ratio of teeth to gums, as well as the length of your teeth, are factors involved in determining an aesthetic smile.
  • When too much gingival tissue is noticeable when you smile, it is referred to as a gummy smile.
  • Gummy smiles are not esthetically pleasing.
  • Gum contouring is a dental treatment available that can rid you of your gummy smile.
  • Gum contouring is performed using a dental laser for soft tissue and can quickly and easily improve your smile.
  • If you are displeased with your smile because too much gum tissue is making your teeth look short and stubby, your dentist may recommend gum contouring.
  • Gum contouring raises your gum line allowing more tooth and less gingival tissue to show.
  • The procedure for gum contouring can be completed in one visit.
  • The utilization of a soft tissue laser makes gum contouring safe and easy.
  • The soft tissue laser seals blood vessels at the same time as it removes the excess gingival tissue. This prevents bleeding and swelling and helps speed up healing.
  • Your dentist will anesthetize your gums, and you may be sedated, so the procedure is comfortable and painless.
  • Soft tissue lasers do not cut. They are light-based technology that “vaporizes” or “melts” away tissue.


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