Month: September 2017

Preventive Tips For Kid Care

We know that getting through the day with kids of any age means lots and lots of details, a ton of energy on your part, and a lot of hope that you’re getting everything done well. When it comes to the oral health of your kids, it can be easy to become uncertain regarding children’s… Read more »

Farmers Market: Health Fair Day

Are you someone who finds true delight in visiting farmers markets? Is there something about the whole, local foods that make you feel you’re providing a true service and big dose of nutrients to your body in an effort to remain healthy? If so, you will likely enjoy this upcoming Farmers Market: Health Fair Day!

Planning On Veneers? Not So Fast!

Yes! Of course. If you are a wonderful candidate for porcelain veneers and they will guide you toward the finished product of your dreams, then we will encourage you to move ahead with this treatment when you’re ready. However, if it turns out that while you love the potential benefits of veneers, you can achieve… Read more »

Dental Care: Why Do I Have To…?

When patients take the time to ask us questions during dental checkups, they often begin with, “Why do I have to…” which we completely understand. When you’re under the impression that you must do particular things to keep your oral health safe, you like to know you’re not wasting your time and you like to… Read more »

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dental Crowns Benefits?

You might know that a dental crown is a beneficial option for your tooth when something goes wrong. You may also know that this is generally the suggestion you will receive when a filling is just not going to cut it (such as when you’re dealing with serious tooth decay). However, that does not necessarily… Read more »

Taste Of Grand Prairie

Yum! Is there something about the chance to taste a whole lot of food from an even longer list of venues that puts a smile on your face? If so, then you will most certainly want to make sure you’re present at the upcoming Taste of Grand Prairie and Community Spotlight event!

Electric Toothbrush: Pros And Cons!

How many times have you wondered if you should be using an electric toothbrush? Perhaps you’ve seen television commercials in which a couple is using their special electric brushes together? Do you wonder if maybe this is one of those milestones that means you’ve graduated to some very mature level of dental hygiene? The truth… Read more »

Let’s Talk: The Importance Of Your Dental Cleanings

If you’ve ever come in to see us, then you know your dental cleanings are very important. Well, you know that we have told you that they are very important but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a firm grasp on why this is the case. We understand that in order to adopt this outlook… Read more »