Let’s Talk: The Importance Of Your Dental Cleanings

If you’ve ever come in to see us, then you know your dental cleanings are very important. Well, you know that we have told you that they are very important but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a firm grasp on why this is the case. We understand that in order to adopt this outlook you may be seeking out details that support the fact that your preventive cleanings are so very significant. Not surprisingly, we are ready with information on hand!

Tartar Removal Happens During Cleanings

First, let’s talk about why you can’t just get your smile clean enough with your own brushing and flossing. You see, plaque sticks to your teeth. This happens every day, which is why you brush twice and floss once. However, you’re not going to be able to brush and floss away every last final particle. Instead, a little will stay there, build up, and will turn into tartar (tartar is very hard, almost like cement, so it’s not going anywhere until you see our team for a dental cleaning). Neglect tartar and plaque and cavities (and more) are in your future.

Cleanings Happen In Conjunction With Exams

Another reason you should schedule dental cleanings is because they occur as one part of a more comprehensive preventive visit! You’ll be seeing us for your checkup, too. In addition to cleaning your teeth, we’ll check your smile for possible problems, while offering treatments that will get your smile back to its healthy state.

Cleanings Are One Part Of The Bigger Picture

Remember, you don’t only require home care or professional care. You need both. Keep up with all aspects of prevention and you can look forward to healthy teeth and gums!

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