Month: June 2019

Your Personal Smile Care: Is There Room For Improvement?

If you’re the type of person who puts everything you’ve got into something you want to achieve, then chances are good you’ve been doing as much as possible to make your smile care airtight! You love knowing that you’re considering every possible detail that you can to keep your oral health in lovely condition. However,… Read more »

Did You Know That We Offer…?

When you think about all that you can achieve for your smile with our Grand Prairie, TX team, you may immediately recognize that you can certainly count on the essentials. You can keep your smile clean and healthy and you can address little problems, such as cavities. However, we were wondering whether you really know… Read more »

For Our Forgetful Patients: How To Create Reminders!

You may often wonder how on earth you are supposed to remind yourself of dental care details when you are already forgetful in the first place. It’s not as though you want to forget to brush your teeth or to set a timer to make sure your brushing is complete. It’s not as though you… Read more »

Smile Care: When You Don’t Know Where To Go From Here

Sometimes, you find yourself at either a crossroads or even what feels like you’re staring at a brick wall, when it comes to your smile care. For instance, you might feel extremely concerned about your smile health but you may think it’s in such bad shape that you wonder whether you should hide or come… Read more »

Major Qualifications: Am I A Candidate For Cosmetic Care?

As the idea of cosmetic care suddenly starts to appeal to you as something that you really want and as something that is most certainly a realistic option for you, there’s only one thing that you find might stands in your way: Whether or not you’re a good candidate! Of course, our Grand Prairie, TX… Read more »

TMJ Symptoms: Things You Should Not Dismiss

When symptoms of TMJ disorder (TMD) show up, you may instantly have some inkling as to what they mean and, rather than pick up your phone to call our team, you may instead feel like you’d rather just dismiss them. Our Grand Prairie, TX team suggests you avoid giving into that feeling of dismissal, however,… Read more »

Help Keep Grand Prairie Green

Want to help keep Grand Prairie beautiful? For the third year in a row, you and any interested family members can enroll at Green Prairie University, and spend a day learning about healthy, nutritious and environmentally positive ways to make a difference in your own life, and in the Grand Prairie, TX community. Not only… Read more »

Are You Guilty of Distracted Brushing?

We like to think of our ourselves as a judgment-free dental zone, but we do have a few words about distracted brushing. You know not to drive and text. You know to check both ways before crossing a street. Giving your smile the care it needs is not a time for multitasking. Excellent preventive care… Read more »