Month: August 2016

Understand Gum Disease: 3 Simple Details

Do you understand that gum disease can be extremely damaging to your smile? So much so that when left untreated, it can lead to some seriously devastating consequences that require immense care before your smile is restored? Perhaps you’re fully informed regarding the long-term side effects but as for the disease itself, you don’t really… Read more »

Your Smile Needs TLC

You might be surprised that your extremely hard, resilient teeth are not in need of the extremely tough love you might think they need to keep them clean and healthy. Instead, consistent TLC (tender loving care, that is) happens to be just what the dentist ordered! While this is an easy way to sum up what… Read more »

Cavities: 3 Surprising Details

We commonly discover that patients think they know just about all there is to know about tooth decay. However, these same patients are often shocked by some simple yet brand new discoveries when we fill them in on the details surrounding cavity development. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to become more educated regarding this very common… Read more »

There’s More Than One Way To Whiten

When you decide you are ready for your teeth whitening journey, you will be pleased to discover that there’s not just one option on the horizon. In fact, depending on the particular needs that your smile has, you can rely on three options to bring your grin from drab to quite fabulous. We invite you… Read more »

3 Perks Of Our Practice

When you find yourself looking for a dental practice you can think of as your safe place because it offers everything you need (including relaxing, compassionate care), the search can feel endless. Fortunately, whether you’re a new or existing patient, you may be surprised by the perks we offer (which can help you decide to call… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Flossing Isn’t Working

Hark! What’s that you just heard? Did someone claim that flossing your teeth doesn’t really do anything beneficial and you were right there to say, “Yes, that’s quite right! Flossing just isn’t working for me!”? If so, we understand your frustration. However, we also need to redirect your thoughts a bit. While it’s possible flossing… Read more »

Getting Back Into The Cavity Free Club

Particularly if you are a perfectionist of any kind, you may become quite disappointed to find yourself kicked out of the cavity free club when tooth decay affects your tooth. The good news is that this is only a short-lived experience if you know what to do next to become reinstated as a member into… Read more »

Quiz: What Causes Bad Breath?

You have likely experienced bad breath at some point in your life. If it was caused by some strong smelling food, you probably brushed your teeth and flossed afterwards – or chose to avoid that particular food for a while – and all was well as a result. However, yucky breath is something that can become… Read more »

3 Ways To Break A Tooth

Obviously you aren’t interested in breaking a tooth – you’re interested in doing your best to avoid this serious type of oral health damage. However, by becoming familiar with the common ways we see patients damaging their dental tissue, you can become en expert on what not to do. Keep in mind that even with… Read more »