There’s More Than One Way To Whiten

steps123primaryWhen you decide you are ready for your teeth whitening journey, you will be pleased to discover that there’s not just one option on the horizon. In fact, depending on the particular needs that your smile has, you can rely on three options to bring your grin from drab to quite fabulous. We invite you to schedule time to sit down and speak with us one-on-one, so we have the chance to take a look at your teeth, while suggesting the best choice for your improvement. For now, become a little more familiar with the possible treatments we may recommend.

Teeth Whitening Is Often Ideal

Not all patients deal with allover discoloration but this is certainly a common concern. If this is your issue, you may end up with teeth whitening, as you suspected, as your treatment of choice. Here’s why: Through a simple process, we can address the discolored tissue of your entire smile with ease. By lifting your smile by multiple shades, you will enjoy a surprisingly brilliant appearance.

Bonding Might Be Best

For some patients, teeth whitening seems like the only option but is completely unnecessary. For instance, do you have a stain on one of your teeth that is negatively affecting the beauty of your overall smile? In such a case, we may suggest bonding, which offers exceptional camouflaging.

We May Suggest Veneers

When whitening and bonding are not sufficient, or when you are interested in making a bunch of improvements (in addition to brighter teeth), it might be time to discuss veneers. Porcelain veneers provide you with a ton of freedom, allowing you to customize just about every last detail of your smile (including making it much whiter).