Month: May 2015

Facts About Tooth Extraction

There are times when a tooth is too damaged to save with a root canal, filling, or by crowning. You have to have natural tooth structure to work with, and if your natural tooth structure is missing or too far damaged you may need to have the tooth extracted. That is why dentists today believe… Read more »

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Did you know that you could break a tooth biting into a soft sandwich? It has happened. What if it were a chicken bone? Imagine the damage that could be done. Or what if you play hockey and you took an elbow to the mouth. Accidents happen and we are never really prepared. What if… Read more »

Don’t Be Partial

It’s easy to be partial toward something. You can be partial toward a color, food, person, store, name brand, product, or even a dental treatment. Are you partial toward dentures, veneers, bridges, or…partials? Do you know the difference between a full denture and a partial denture? A full denture is treatment for people who are… Read more »

How Dentures Are Made

Most everybody is familiar with dentures. If a family member doesn’t have them, then you probably have seen them on a TV sitcom. Even the children’s cartoon Rugrats had an episode about the grandpa’s dentures. Dentures take a bad rap and are often the butt of jokes, but in reality they are an important dental… Read more »

Which Type Of Crown Is Best For You?

Dental crowns can be fabricated from several different types of materials. Each material has its advantages and is used for particular reasons. If you require crown treatment, your dentist will discuss the types of crowns available and what they are best used for. Factors to consider include strength, durability, aesthetics, extent of the treatment, and… Read more »

Learn About Dental Bridges By Taking Our Quiz

Your dentist is highly educated and experienced regarding how to perform various dental procedures and what problems each type of procedure is for. They will give you their advice and share their expertise, but the decision is ultimately yours. That’s why it is good to know as much about your options as possible. Reading our… Read more »

Composite vs. Amalgam: How Much Do You Know?

When you open your mouth wide to laugh or yawn do you see fillings? Having fillings is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it is common. By common that means ninety percent of the population has at least one tooth filled and probably more. Are your fillings composite or amalgam? Do you know the… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Prophies?

When you were a child did you think a dental cleaning was simply an elaborate teeth whitening? It certainly has an elaborate name. A dental cleaning is called a prohylaxis. Many children probably believe that their dentist is simply brushing their teeth in a fancy way. They like the “tickle toothbrush” which is more fun… Read more »