Don’t Be Partial

partialsdIt’s easy to be partial toward something. You can be partial toward a color, food, person, store, name brand, product, or even a dental treatment. Are you partial toward dentures, veneers, bridges, or…partials? Do you know the difference between a full denture and a partial denture? A full denture is treatment for people who are missing all of their teeth in their upper or lower arch or both. A partial, however, can replace one tooth, a few teeth that, or several. Don’t be partial until you learn about partials.  

Things to Consider About Partial Dentures

They are:

  1. Less invasive than dental implants
  2. Less expensive than dental implants
  3. Removable
  4. Easy to care for
  5. Able to be configured in a variety of ways if the missing teeth aren’t in a direct row
  6. Can be easily replaced with an implant or dental bridge in the future

Are You A Candidate?

There are a number of people throughout the United States that are candidates for partials. In fact, 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Even if you take the best care of your teeth it is still possible to lose them. For instance, periodontal disease runs in some families. Or you might get a tooth knocked out. Any type of damage, or tooth decay can result in loss of the tooth. Those people who make the best candidates for partials are missing one or two teeth, a few teeth in a row, or teeth that are not side by side but are in the same dental arch.

Affordable Fix

Partial dentures can be a permanent or temporary treatment. If you aren’t sure about implants or are not ready to invest the finances, partials can buy you time to decide. They are an easy, convenient, and affordable fix.


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