Category: Preventive Dentistry

Gum Recession: What’s It All About?

Are you familiar with gum recession, how it happens, what it means for your smile, and other important details? If this sounds familiar but you cannot say you could exactly define or explain this oral health issue, then you are in luck! Our Grand Prairie, TX team is aware that this may be one of… Read more »

Your Checkup: 4 Extremely Beneficial Factors!

Are you aware of just how important it is for you to come in to see our Grand Prairie, TX team for your dental checkups? Do you really understand what goes on and why we encourage you to set up these appointments once every six months, meaning you come in for prevention with our smiling… Read more »

Keeping Your Smile Safe: 3 Things We Definitely Don’t Suggest

You already know that there are many things we suggest for you, when you’re curious about what you should do to keep your smile safe and your oral health in exceptional condition. You should brush, you should floss, you should see us for required professional dental care, and more! However, when the goal is keeping… Read more »

Your Saliva: 4 Things To Consider! 

How much do you really know about your saliva, why you need it, what it does for you on a daily basis, etc.? If you’re shrugging and trying to think very hard about your saliva knowledge, it’s probably time for a quick refresher course with our Grand Prairie, TX team! From why it’s important to… Read more »

Discomfort: When It’s Occurring And What To Do! 

When you realize that you’re experiencing discomfort associated with any aspect of your smile, your first thought is probably that something is wrong with your oral health. While this isn’t the nicest of thoughts, you are probably correct! The good news in the midst of this not-so-lovely news? Our Grand Prairie, TX practice provides our… Read more »

Addressing Challenges With Morning Dental Care

While trying to deal with nighttime dental care can present its own issues (maybe you fall asleep before you brush sometimes!), our Grand Prairie, TX team is aware that morning smile care often brings with it its own set of challenges. Remember that we are always here to help you with your own unique concerns,… Read more »

3 Dental Care Details That Should Be Easy Breezy

Your dental care should never feel like an excruciating, exceptionally challenging, difficult experience. Instead, protecting your smile from potential damage, keeping it clean, and keeping it healthy should actually be quite a breeze to accomplish! However, our Grand Prairie, TX team often hears just the opposite from some of our patients, which leads us to… Read more »

Surprising Stuff You Never Realized About Tooth Decay! 

There’s probably already some stuff you can rattle off about tooth decay that’s accurate and that reminds you that it’s something you don’t really want to deal with if you can help it. However, as much as you may feel familiar with cavities, you may also find that upon further investigation, there’s a lot you… Read more »

Your Personal Smile Care: Is There Room For Improvement?

If you’re the type of person who puts everything you’ve got into something you want to achieve, then chances are good you’ve been doing as much as possible to make your smile care airtight! You love knowing that you’re considering every possible detail that you can to keep your oral health in lovely condition. However,… Read more »

Smile Care: When You Don’t Know Where To Go From Here

Sometimes, you find yourself at either a crossroads or even what feels like you’re staring at a brick wall, when it comes to your smile care. For instance, you might feel extremely concerned about your smile health but you may think it’s in such bad shape that you wonder whether you should hide or come… Read more »