Category: Preventive Dentistry

Smile Care: When You Don’t Know Where To Go From Here

Sometimes, you find yourself at either a crossroads or even what feels like you’re staring at a brick wall, when it comes to your smile care. For instance, you might feel extremely concerned about your smile health but you may think it’s in such bad shape that you wonder whether you should hide or come… Read more »

TMJ Symptoms: Things You Should Not Dismiss

When symptoms of TMJ disorder (TMD) show up, you may instantly have some inkling as to what they mean and, rather than pick up your phone to call our team, you may instead feel like you’d rather just dismiss them. Our Grand Prairie, TX team suggests you avoid giving into that feeling of dismissal, however,… Read more »

Are You Guilty of Distracted Brushing?

We like to think of our ourselves as a judgment-free dental zone, but we do have a few words about distracted brushing. You know not to drive and text. You know to check both ways before crossing a street. Giving your smile the care it needs is not a time for multitasking. Excellent preventive care… Read more »

3 Worries Keeping You From Calling For A Visit

Do you feel as though what your smile needs is for you to contact our Grand Prairie, TX team quite soon, so you may schedule a dental checkup with us? Is this because you think something might be wrong with your smile or simply because you could really benefit from getting back into the swing… Read more »

Dental Care: Power At Your Fingertips!

One of the things that you may overlook in terms of optimizing your oral health is that you can take care of a ton of things with great ease! Our Grand Prairie, TX team reminds you that you have great power at your fingertips! Though you may imagine there’s quite a lot involved with keeping… Read more »

Tips: Rushing When You’re Brushing (And Flossing)

Are you rushing when you’re brushing? Flossing, too? Are you aware that this is actually a major problem if your goal is to feel certain that you’re practicing excellent dental hygiene and that it will yield successful results for your smile health? While you may have a hard time understanding why going as quickly as… Read more »

Tooth Decay: Don’t Be Hard On Yourself!

It’s easy to end up being a bit too hard on yourself when you learn that you need to address tooth decay! Of course, what you want is to come in for checkups, to learn you’re cavity free, and to head home without a care in the world. However, sometimes, the end of your preventive… Read more »

Why You Can Ignore (But Not Hide) From Smile Problems!

Sure, when you realize your tooth feels a little uncomfortable, you can try to just ignore the pain for a while. When we tell you that you really need to come in for a dental cleaning and you realize your mouth isn’t feeling so healthy, you can just ignore our advice for a little bit… Read more »

Sensitivity: No Need For You To Panic!

We know that in addition to serious pain, one of the other things that can send any patient into a frenzy is the onset of dental sensitivity! It’s a very strange sensation that sort of hurts but also just feels quite strange yet intense. In short: It’s not pleasant and because its arrival can mean… Read more »

Tricks For Exposing Teeth To Less Sugar

There’s more than one way to think about things when you’re considering ways to expose your teeth to sugar for a shorter amount of time. On one hand, you can simply eat less sugar. On the other hand, you can get better about removing sugar from your teeth after you’ve enjoyed something sweet and delicious!… Read more »