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Things To Remember This Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, you want to be swept away by love and romance and simply enjoy yourself! However, for those patients of our Grand Prairie, TX team who take their oral health very seriously, this can become quite difficult! Every offer of dessert, wine, and more feels like being bombarded with temptation that could lead… Read more »

Dedicated Brushers: When Your Smile Still Feels Dirty

We frequently hear from patients that they’re brushing every day like we recommend but their smiles still feel dirty after those sessions. What, they ask us, are they doing wrong? If you can relate, we encourage you to consider some additional factors that may come into play, as our Grand Prairie, TX team walks you… Read more »

Toothpaste: Your “Does It Really Make A Difference?” Questions

When you stand in front of the sink for your routine dental hygiene experience, you pick up your tube of toothpaste, and you go to work with keeping your smile healthy, you may find yourself asking a series of questions that typically begin with something along the lines of, “Does it really make a difference… Read more »

Fluoride: Answering Lots Of Questions Stressing You Out

When you see our Grand Prairie, TX team for dental checkups and cleanings, one of the lessons you will learn is that fluoride in your toothpaste is good for your oral health and the smiles of your family. However, when you go home and head back out into the world, you may hear things that… Read more »

Dental Care: Do Amazing Things For Your Smile In 2019!

When what you want for yourself is a smile that’s healthy, that looks amazing, and that remains both beautiful and in good condition, you ask yourself: How to proceed? For many, it seems like there’s too big of a mountain to scale in order to make this possible. For others, getting started is the hurdle…. Read more »

I Don’t Eat Sugar Very Often: Why Do I Still Get Cavities?

You may feel a bit disappointed. You might eat very little sugar, if any at all, yet you find that you still develop tooth decay from time to time! What on earth could be going on, you wonder? Aren’t cavities the direct result of eating sugar, you think to yourself? The truth is, the things… Read more »

Mistletoe Mayhem: Don’t Find Your Smile Unprepared!

As you have likely been considering, there are so many things happening at the moment and it’s all thanks to the joy and merriment of the holiday! There’s lots of excitement to be had. Then, there’s lot of planning to complete. One thing that you may overlook, even if you have gone to excruciating lengths… Read more »

“Bad” Feelings Always Mean: Come See Us!

One of the most common dilemmas we hear about follows: When you aren’t sure if you should come see us or not! When you’re experiencing some “bad” sensations, no matter how you describe them, this is always a warning sign that you should see our team unless you know exactly what is happening (for instance,… Read more »

Brushing: Questions We Want You To Feel Okay Asking Us

We know that you may feel pretty good about asking questions when it comes to complicated topics like tooth decay, restorations, and more. However, we are also well aware that our patients frequently feel sheepish when they need to ask us a question about something that they view as “very basic.” One detail that you… Read more »

Oral Health: The Foundation For So Many Things!

You know just from hearing it over and over throughout the course of your life that you should feel like your oral health is important. We tell you protect it because of this! However, if you don’t have the “why” behind this recommendation, you may also find that you are sometimes missing that oh-so-important motivation… Read more »