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“Bad” Feelings Always Mean: Come See Us!

One of the most common dilemmas we hear about follows: When you aren’t sure if you should come see us or not! When you’re experiencing some “bad” sensations, no matter how you describe them, this is always a warning sign that you should see our team unless you know exactly what is happening (for instance,… Read more »

Sneaky Little Dangers In Your Holiday Feast!

When you’re all excited about your holiday feast, the parties you’ll go to, and just how much delicious food you’re looking forward to, it can send you reeling! What fun. Unfortunately, when you unexpectedly break a tooth because of a danger you couldn’t see and weren’t expecting, well, this can send you reeling in a… Read more »

Things To Replace In The New Year

When we’re talking about your smile and the incoming New Year, we like to bring up topics you may not have thought of before. Sure, you may be thinking that 2019 would be a good time to get more serious about dental hygiene or to consider whitening. Today, though, our Grand Prairie, TX team would… Read more »

Brushing: Questions We Want You To Feel Okay Asking Us

We know that you may feel pretty good about asking questions when it comes to complicated topics like tooth decay, restorations, and more. However, we are also well aware that our patients frequently feel sheepish when they need to ask us a question about something that they view as “very basic.” One detail that you… Read more »

Oral Health: The Foundation For So Many Things!

You know just from hearing it over and over throughout the course of your life that you should feel like your oral health is important. We tell you protect it because of this! However, if you don’t have the “why” behind this recommendation, you may also find that you are sometimes missing that oh-so-important motivation… Read more »

Holiday Guests And Your Bathroom: Helpful Tips

If you’re not the one traveling this holiday season, then you don’t exactly need our tips for what to put on your travel list in regard to your oral health care. However, if you are receiving guests as you are the one hosting, then you just might want to write another list entirely. While you… Read more »

“O” Words: Schedule A Visit If You Say These During Hygiene

There are some things that you shouldn’t be saying when you’re brushing and flossing your smile. Not because they’re “bad” words but because if they’re coming out of your mouth during dental hygiene, then it probably means you need a dental checkup! To make things easy, let our Grand Prairie, TX team begin by offering… Read more »

3 Simple Yet Compelling Reason To Keep Your Smile Healthy

If you’ve ever pouted and asked yourself, “Why do I even have to brush my teeth, anyway?” our Grand Prairie, TX team has some thoughts for you. We know, sometimes you just don’t feel like it, you don’t feel well, you’re tired, or brushing and flossing (or a preventive visits) isn’t first in line of… Read more »

Why “Natural” Isn’t Always Better

You might think that when you find a natural solution to your smile care woes online or when you hear about them from a friend, they’re probably going to save you time, money, and that they’ll make things easy breezy. Unfortunately, though some natural solutions are wonderful for you, they’re not always better. Remember, it’s… Read more »

3 Very Important Rinsing Reminders

You may expect a lot of reminders from our Grand Prairie, TX team. You think we’ll remind you to schedule your preventive care appointments with us, so you can keep your oral health safe. You know for a fact that when you see us for checkups, we will remind you to brush and especially to… Read more »