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Holiday Gift Wrapping: Surprising Smile Hazards! 

Yes! It’s about time! If you’re someone who loves poring over the amazingly festive and pretty papers that are out there, the beautiful ribbons, the special tags, and more, then you are serious about your holiday gift wrapping! Beyond the wrapping itself, of course, there are special tapes and accessories that can make things much… Read more »

Get Your Smile Super Prepared For Your Holiday Season 

When it comes to the holiday season, you know quite well that in order to fly through the experience calmly and majestically, you must absolutely do one thing and you must do it well: You must prepare! The idea of just skating through and going with the flow sounds good, until you realize that there… Read more »

Nouns To Keep In Mind For Good Smile Care! 

There are the big ideas that you have already become familiar with throughout your lifetime, which apply to the way you offer your smile support! You need to complete certain tasks on a day-to-day basis to keep your oral health safe, of course. Then, there are some other things that come up (such as visits)… Read more »

3 Big Smile Questions To Which The Answer Is: Yes! 

As you know, when you’re in need of any type of smile support, we are happy to provide it! However, you might wonder in certain cases about whether it’s time to come in, whether it’s a good idea to make movement toward a particular treatment, and more. No matter the question, remember that the best… Read more »

What About Functional Issues? Can You Help Me?

You have no doubt that we are here to help you with the usual stuff you have always associated with smile care issues. If you have a cavity, you know that our Grand Prairie, TX team will follow through without hesitation, as we provide you with a beautiful restoration! Dealing with a cracked tooth? No… Read more »

Faulty Flossing: Easy Problems To Fix For Better Care

Is your flossing completely on track as part of your daily dental care for your smile? Or, if our Grand Prairie, TX team were to ask you tons of questions about your dental hygiene today, would you have to admit that you’ve got some fairly faulty flossing going on at home? If it’s the latter,… Read more »

Smile-Related Pain Is Saying These Things To You! 

The arrival of smile pain is never something that causes you to suddenly think, “Wow! I must be doing everything right!” However, our Grand Prairie, TX team is also very familiar with the fact that though you may realize this uncomfortable feeling is trying to tell you something, you may do your best to ignore… Read more »

End Of Year Brushing Goals? We Can Help!

Do you have brushing goals? When did they begin? Whether you came up with them at the start of 2019 or if you are just now realizing that as the year winds down, it’s time to get serious, our Grand Prairie, TX team can always help you with matters associated with your smile care! First,… Read more »

Stop These Habits To Stop Serious Smile Consequences

There are some habits you might partake in that may not seem like a bad idea on the surface but that may actually guide you toward some serious damage or danger to your oral health! However, if you are looking at them as “neutral” actions, you are not very likely to sort this one out… Read more »

Is Your Dental Care Right On The Line (Between Good And Bad)?

You know that there’s good dental care, there’s a complete lack of it, and then there’s something in between. There’s that fine line between good and bad, in which you’re sort of caring for your oral health. It’s not good enough to be considered stellar, though you are doing something and it’s not lax enough… Read more »