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Smile Care: When You Don’t Know Where To Go From Here

Sometimes, you find yourself at either a crossroads or even what feels like you’re staring at a brick wall, when it comes to your smile care. For instance, you might feel extremely concerned about your smile health but you may think it’s in such bad shape that you wonder whether you should hide or come… Read more »

Your Canker Sore Review: Answering Common Questions  

There’s nothing quite like a canker sore to show up, to interrupt your otherwise perfectly wonderful day, and to cause you to realize you have tons of questions that are very important (but no solid answers). The fortunate news in this scenario is that you have access to our Grand Prairie, TX team of dental… Read more »

Dental Care: Power At Your Fingertips!

One of the things that you may overlook in terms of optimizing your oral health is that you can take care of a ton of things with great ease! Our Grand Prairie, TX team reminds you that you have great power at your fingertips! Though you may imagine there’s quite a lot involved with keeping… Read more »

Tips: Rushing When You’re Brushing (And Flossing)

Are you rushing when you’re brushing? Flossing, too? Are you aware that this is actually a major problem if your goal is to feel certain that you’re practicing excellent dental hygiene and that it will yield successful results for your smile health? While you may have a hard time understanding why going as quickly as… Read more »

Our Dental Care: Ready For Any And All “What If” Moments

If you wouldn’t exactly describe yourself as the pinnacle of the “go with the flow” personality but instead find that you frequently fall into the trap of “what if” thinking, the we are happy to report that we happen to be the dental practice for you! When your thoughts about dental care lead you to… Read more »

Pain During Chewing: How To Respond?

A toothache is one thing. A sudden zing of sensitivity is another. However, painful chewing … now that can really cause you to go from calm to feeling totally overwhelmed in a split second. What’s it mean, you wonder, and how are you going to be able to get through the week with this very… Read more »

Why You Can Ignore (But Not Hide) From Smile Problems!

Sure, when you realize your tooth feels a little uncomfortable, you can try to just ignore the pain for a while. When we tell you that you really need to come in for a dental cleaning and you realize your mouth isn’t feeling so healthy, you can just ignore our advice for a little bit… Read more »

Tricks For Exposing Teeth To Less Sugar

There’s more than one way to think about things when you’re considering ways to expose your teeth to sugar for a shorter amount of time. On one hand, you can simply eat less sugar. On the other hand, you can get better about removing sugar from your teeth after you’ve enjoyed something sweet and delicious!… Read more »

Toothpaste: How Much Do You Know?

Many of us don’t think much about toothpaste. We use it until the tube is just about empty, then add it to the shopping list and restock our bathroom shelves. Toothpaste is a crucial ally in keeping teeth cleaned of food particles and oral bacteria. Our dental team in Grand Prairie, TX knows that proper… Read more »

Would A Powered Toothbrush Be A Good Change?

There are a lot of debatable questions you will encounter throughout a lifetime. Some bring with them deep philosophical factors that can make it difficult to ever come to a conclusion. Then, of course, there are those uncertainties like the following: Would it be a good idea to change over to a powered toothbrush? Or… Read more »