What About Functional Issues? Can You Help Me?

You have no doubt that we are here to help you with the usual stuff you have always associated with smile care issues. If you have a cavity, you know that our Grand Prairie, TX team will follow through without hesitation, as we provide you with a beautiful restoration! Dealing with a cracked tooth? No problem. Hoping for help with your dental hygiene? We’re on it. However, when you start wondering about other things that you may not really know how to classify, you wonder if we’re here for that, too. In short: The answer is yes! We can help with functional disorders (those dealing with the way your smile works or “the other stuff”), as well!

Addressing Bruxism

If you are dealing with a functional disorder called bruxism disorder, then remember there is a solution for you. Actually, there are many solutions. First, consider the fact that addressing your grinding and clenching as soon as possible is essential because it’s not just a habit you can stop, like biting your nails. Instead, it’s something your body is doing involuntarily, or without your intention to move your muscles. So, seeking the oral appliance therapy we provide (and additional care advice we offer) will ensure you’re headed toward improvement quickly.

Dealing With TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder! It’s often connected with bruxism disorder, either making it worse or becoming worse as a result. Do you know what it is? It’s the strain and not-so-wonderful function associated with your TMJs (or, your temporomandibular joints, also called your jaw joints). They are the joints that let you move your mouth! When they’re not at their best, you can deal with symptoms like pain, strange sounds from your joints, and more. Fortunately, again, we provide oral appliance therapy, so you can say goodbye to the functional disorder and hello to quickly improving oral health!

Stopping Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder often related to the anatomy of your mouth and the way your oral cavity works. When soft tissue from your palate, and your tongue, slide back toward your throat (and/or the soft tissues in your throat collapse, while you sleep), you end up with interrupted sleep. You choke. You wake up to gasp for oxygen. You go back to sleep. This happens all night (even if you don’t remember it), leading not only to fatigue but a host of other serious oral health and overall health problems. We offer treatment to help keep your tissues where they need to be, so breathing remains consistent, so see us soon!

Find Out More About Your Smile Function 

Learn all about the function of your smile, when you visit our team for your dental checkups that we suggest you schedule twice a year! Follow through on any required care, should you need help for your oral health! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.