Month: June 2017

Visits Cause You Stress? Try These Tips!

There is a large demographic of people who suffer from what is called “white coat syndrome”, where they either fear that visiting a doctor will involve some sort of pain or that the doctor may find an issue that the patient will have to deal with. You shouldn’t be afraid of your dentist. Your dentist… Read more »

Bad Breath: A Sign Of Something Worse?

Do you feel self-conscious about your breath? Are you tired of people trying to back away from you when you’re talking? Are you tired of being too self-conscious to make a move on that cute waiter at the coffee shop because you know how bad your breath is? You’re not alone. Besides the embarrassment that comes… Read more »

3 Obsessive Habits To Stop

Sometimes, we get caught up in habits that seem completely benign, only to realize down the road that they’re the type of stuff that causes damage. Similarly, when it comes to bad habits and your oral health, you might think you’re doing something beneficial for your smile when, in fact, you’re guiding your smile health… Read more »

4 Breakfast Faves To Limit

Ah, yes, the amazing delicacies that come with breakfast! Many are time-honored staples that we simply assume are wonderful for our health (and in many cases, they are). However, it’s also important to recognize that there are particular selections that may not be so fantastic for your oral health. While you should avoid anything that… Read more »

Quiz: Getting Ready For Bed!

Every night, you should be including dental hygiene as part of your preparing for bed routine. You already know this, of course, but are you certain about whether there’s a best approach or if it’s a bit of a free-for-all? If you’re relying on the second option, we strongly encourage you to rethink the benefits… Read more »

Bruxism: How To Find Out If You’ve Got It

There are multiple ways to discover whether you’re experiencing bruxism disorder. Some, as you may have guessed, are much easier than others. To ensure you feel fully informed about this topic, we are happy to explain a variety of ways to detect bruxism and then the best way to achieve a definitive diagnosis. Remember, no… Read more »

Tobacco: 4 Things To Keep In Mind

Whether you choose to use tobacco or not is entirely up to you, of course. However, if you’re asking for our opinion, we will be happy to give it. As a general rule of thumb, the answer will always be, “No, using tobacco is never a good idea for your oral health.” However, that doesn’t… Read more »

Tips For Water Drinking

If your goal is to do your best with your oral health, then one detail you’re probably keeping in mind throughout the day is whether you’re drinking enough water. You know that hitting a goal of around 64 ounces will ensure you’re well hydrated, of course. However, that doesn’t mean you feel like you’ve got… Read more »

Awesome Advantages Of Bonding: A Quiz!

If you know anything about the advantages of dental bonding, then … well … you know that they can certainly be classified as “awesome.” However, if you’ve been searching for ways to make improvements but you don’t really know a lot about bonding yet, you may not feel fully educated on these very exciting benefits…. Read more »