3 Obsessive Habits To Stop

Sometimes, we get caught up in habits that seem completely benign, only to realize down the road that they’re the type of stuff that causes damage. Similarly, when it comes to bad habits and your oral health, you might think you’re doing something beneficial for your smile when, in fact, you’re guiding your smile health toward potential problems. While we will be happy to elaborate further during a visit, we encourage you to begin with a few common bad moves that patients tend to make (and that you can easily stop).

Habit #1: Excessive Whitening

You might not think about what you’re doing as excessive whitening. You might think that’s you’re doing something good for yourself because you’re trying to get your smile to look wonderful. Unfortunately, if you’re not removing stains solely with the guidance and treatments we offer, then you might be doing too much and it might lead to damage.

Habit #2: Going Overboard On Brushing

Brushing might be one of those things you assume you can never get enough of. Unfortunately, this type of habit can worsen over time and can leave you with oral health issues like gum recession, teeth with damaged enamel, and so on. Did you know that if you brush way too frequently (especially if you’re aggressive), it’s not beneficial? Brush twice a day (and gently). Simple.

Habit #3: Nail Biting

Would you say that you’re a wee bit obsessed with biting your fingernails? Perhaps the skin around your nails or your cuticles? This is not helpful for your oral health. The biting can end with damage like bruxism, TMJ disorder, chipped or worn teeth, and unsightly nails, too! Work on this habit for oral health protection.

Ask Us For Tips With Forming Good Smile Habits

Remember that as you give up bad habits, it’s very easy to begin adopting excellent habits for your oral health. Need a little guidance? Just ask! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.