Month: January 2019

Dedicated Brushers: When Your Smile Still Feels Dirty

We frequently hear from patients that they’re brushing every day like we recommend but their smiles still feel dirty after those sessions. What, they ask us, are they doing wrong? If you can relate, we encourage you to consider some additional factors that may come into play, as our Grand Prairie, TX team walks you… Read more »

Toothaches: Why It Is Absolutely, Positively, Always Best To See Us

What should you do when you have a toothache, you wonder to yourself? Then, you try to figure out if the answer depends on the type of tooth pain, how long it’s been affecting you, the severity, and more. Good news: Our Grand Prairie, TX team can make this so much easier for you, so… Read more »

Daddy Daughter Hair Class

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there are quite a lot of Daddy Daughter dances on the horizon. However, before you schedule any sweet outings with your daughter for Valentine’s Day, you may have something else you need to figure out first: How to help your daughter with her hair, so she can look wonderful for any… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: 3 Ways To Figure Out That You Need One

When your tooth is infected or has become significantly damaged, it becomes more likely that you may need to receive a root canal treatment. To recap, in case you don’t remember much about this restorative treatment, this restorative service includes the removal of damaged/infected pulp, the complete sealing of your tooth, and often a dental… Read more »

Toothpaste: Your “Does It Really Make A Difference?” Questions

When you stand in front of the sink for your routine dental hygiene experience, you pick up your tube of toothpaste, and you go to work with keeping your smile healthy, you may find yourself asking a series of questions that typically begin with something along the lines of, “Does it really make a difference… Read more »

Fluoride: Answering Lots Of Questions Stressing You Out

When you see our Grand Prairie, TX team for dental checkups and cleanings, one of the lessons you will learn is that fluoride in your toothpaste is good for your oral health and the smiles of your family. However, when you go home and head back out into the world, you may hear things that… Read more »

Dental Care: Do Amazing Things For Your Smile In 2019!

When what you want for yourself is a smile that’s healthy, that looks amazing, and that remains both beautiful and in good condition, you ask yourself: How to proceed? For many, it seems like there’s too big of a mountain to scale in order to make this possible. For others, getting started is the hurdle…. Read more »

Workforce Solutions Resume Help

Are you about to enter the workforce? Have you been away from work for a while now? Perhaps you are employed but you are looking to make a change. Whatever the case, if you have recently realized that you could really use some help figuring things out in addition to making your resume much more… Read more »

Why More People than You Know Have Dental Implants

When it comes to restoring or rebuilding your smile, the best treatment options are those that aren’t obvious. The goal of smile restoration is to restore your smile’s natural health, beauty, and function. If your treatment is obvious, then it has largely failed in that mission. With dental implants, which are lifelike prosthetic roots designed… Read more »

Curious About Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are some of the most well-known types of teeth, but unfortunately, it’s often because of the trouble and discomfort that they cause. That’s because many people who develop them also experience wisdom tooth impaction, which means they become stuck within the jawbone or behind another molar and cannot fully erupt from the gum… Read more »