Root Canal Treatment: 3 Ways To Figure Out That You Need One

When your tooth is infected or has become significantly damaged, it becomes more likely that you may need to receive a root canal treatment. To recap, in case you don’t remember much about this restorative treatment, this restorative service includes the removal of damaged/infected pulp, the complete sealing of your tooth, and often a dental crown placement. The result? You get to keep your tooth, any infection goes away, and you can get back to life with a healthy smile. However, we find that patients often come to our Grand Prairie, TX practice wondering: How will you know that you need one? We can make this much simpler to understand.

#1: You Experience A Problem And Come In

When you are living your usual life and you suddenly notice that your tooth doesn’t feel so good, you may call us to schedule a dental visit. This is what we suggest, of course! It is always preferable to simply waiting and seeing what might happen if you try to ignore the new symptoms that have presented themselves. During your visit, we may find that you have decay and need a filling. Or, if we detect that you have an infection or that bacteria have entered the deeper chambers of your teeth (your roots), it may be time for a root canal treatment!

#2: We Detect An Issue During Your Routine Visit

Perhaps you come in for your regularly scheduled dental checkup and cleaning with us. As we perform your routine checkup, which is thorough and will include advanced imaging, if we detect the presence of an infection or some serious damage to your tooth, we may suggest a root canal treatment. Though it is likely you may experience some discomfort before your regularly scheduled visit if you have an infected tooth, it’s also possible to walk around symptom free!

#3: You Come In For Emergency Care

If you show up to our practice for an emergency visit, then this might be one way in which you find out that you need a root canal treatment. Why is that the case, you wonder? Well, emergencies usually occur because a problem has progressed or a sudden accident has happened. Maybe you have a severe infection or abscess. Maybe you broke your tooth and we can save it. The good news that you should focus on? That we can rescue your tooth. Remember: Root canals are completely comfortable.

Protect Your Tooth With A Root Canal

When your tooth is infected, severely damaged, or other issues are threatening your dental pulp and the life of your tooth, we may suggest a root canal treatment in order to protect and save your tooth! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.