Month: November 2017

During Holiday Meals: Ways To Limit Sugar

While the spread at your upcoming holiday meal doesn’t necessarily include bowls heaping with sugar, it can start to feel that way sometimes. By the time you’re done checking out the brownies, chocolates, candy canes, Jell-O, cakes, and assorted pies, you may wonder how you’ll ever get through your meal without most certainly promoting tooth… Read more »

Baby Teeth: Your Q&A Session

As you may have noticed, your children’s baby teeth are not exactly like your own. Unfortunately, this can cause some confusion in regard to dental care. It can also lead to some uncertainty about what to expect from these teeth and how to ensure you’re doing what your little one needs for great oral health…. Read more »

Prairie Lights 2017

What’s your absolute favorite site during the winter holidays? If you immediately answered, “The lights!” then you are truly in for a spectacular treat. The Prairie Lights are opening on Thanksgiving night, which means you’ll have plenty of time to take in the the glittering, glowing majesty of this exceptional display!

3 Times You’re Not Making A Better Choice

Trust us. We know that it’s upsetting to learn that when you’ve been using “this not that” mentality to replace something you want with an alternative that you’re sure is much safer for your oral health. As a result, we want to do everything we can do point out such issues, so we can save… Read more »

Quiz: Tooth Decay No-No’s

Do you think that you know just how to handle tooth decay when it affects you? Or, do you think that you may accidentally participate in decay no-no’s from time to time? Make sure you’re not falling into any common traps that can make things worse!

What Does A Toothache Mean?

When you develop pain in your tooth that doesn’t subside after 48 hours, you may need to see a dentist. A toothache can mean the onset of tooth decay, a serious (but common) oral health concern linked to serious complications unless treated in a timely manner. Fortunately, we can help treat your smile.

Dallas Lantern Festival and Holiday Celebration

Have you ever heard of Magical Winter Lights? What was once a visually stunning display meant only for the eyes of those in Houston is now coming to DFW! Check out this exceptionally illuminated experience for a very special way to celebrate the holiday season!

Spacing Quiz: What Do I Need?

If you have a space in your smile, then you might be feeling pretty intense about fixing your smile with cosmetic care. Small, medium-size, or large spaces can make you feel unhappy with multiple aspects of your smile. First, you might not feel great about how your smile looks to the world around you (and you… Read more »