Baby Teeth: Your Q&A Session

As you may have noticed, your children’s baby teeth are not exactly like your own. Unfortunately, this can cause some confusion in regard to dental care. It can also lead to some uncertainty about what to expect from these teeth and how to ensure you’re doing what your little one needs for great oral health. Don’t worry. We’ll set you off in the right direction with our question-and-answer session (and anything else will be swiftly answered during checkups).

Questions and Answers

Question: I feel like I’ve heard other terms for baby teeth. What are they? Is there another way to refer to them?

Answer: Yes, there are multiple ways. You may use the term “baby” because these teeth show up when your child is a baby. However, they’re also referred to as primary teeth (because they are the very first set) or as deciduous teeth (because they will be shed).

Question: What’s the point of taking care of baby teeth? If they’re not going to be around forever, aren’t they something that can be ignored until kids are old enough to get really serious about their dental care?

Answer: Bacteria can always cause problems, which means even primary teeth need care. Remember that these teeth can experience decay, that gums can become infected, that teeth can become infected, and that permanent teeth beneath baby teeth can become destroyed or damaged. Remember, too, that these first teeth pave the way for your child’s early speaking and chewing.

Question: Is it true that dental care for baby teeth is pretty much the same as for adult teeth? Are there any main similarities or differences?

Answer: It’s true! Kids need to brush and floss, just like adults, and receive cleanings and checkups. However, kids also benefit from fluoride treatments and sealants.

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