Month: August 2015

Can You Still Get Gold Fillings?

There was a time when gold fillings were common. Then silver amalgam popped up. Then white composite fillings were developed. White composite fillings are the treatment of choice for anterior (front) teeth, because the composite material blends with the original dentition. Gold and silver are noticeable and not aesthetically pleasing if you should flash your… Read more »

Traditional X-Rays VS Digital

There are different types of x-rays including medical x-rays, dental x-rays, and even x-rays taken at the airport, and not all types of x-rays emit the same amount of radiation. The radiation from traditional dental x-rays is minute. However, digital x-rays have several benefits compared to traditional x-rays. Today we compare traditional x-rays to digital… Read more »

It’s A New School Year And Time For A Cleaning

Parents are always super busy getting ready for the new school year, and that time is now. However, it is a great time to schedule dental cleanings for the family. It is easy to skip out on those bi-annual appointments when you are so busy, but teeth cleanings are especially important. If you encourage attention… Read more »

How Fluoride Strengthens Tooth Enamel

There are proponents of fluoride and opponents of fluoride and, of course, reasons for both. Opponents of fluoride cite the fact that children 8 years of age and younger exposed to too much fluoride can develop tooth stains called fluorosis, a mottling and staining of the teeth. However, in appropriate amounts, fluoride helps strengthen tooth… Read more »

How Your Diet Affects Your Dental Health

Most people realize that sugar is bad for your teeth. They know sugar causes decay but they probably don’t know exactly how. It is actually the bacteria in your mouth that feed on the sugar. As the bacteria metabolize sugars and starches that remain on your teeth after eating and drinking, they not only produce… Read more »

Even Babies Can Have Bad Breath

But they usually don’t. There are reasons babies develop bad breath, but because they don’t have teeth bad breath is unusual in babies. So, is it your teeth that cause bad breath? Not your teeth per se, but the bacterial plaque that develops on your teeth, gums, and tongue.  Bad breath can be a result… Read more »

Green Meadows Petting Farm

Looking to get the kids away from the TV, their Game Boys, and PlayStations? What kid doesn’t like animals? Especially farm animals? Especially farm animals that they can touch! Make friends with piglets, chicks, donkeys, and more while learning about and interacting with a variety of farm animals. It is not just an outing for… Read more »

Why Flossing Is So Important

While brushing your teeth seems rather easy and painless, most people hate flossing. Why? Is it because it is messy? Hard to do? Inconvenient? The fact is that no matter why or how much you hate flossing, it is an important step in your dental care. Flossing may seem like an un-required added step but… Read more »