Month: April 2015

Your Dental Exam Should Include Your Tongue

Most people think that a dental exam only concerns their teeth. However, a thorough exam should include your tongue. Your tongue can speak volumes (pardon the pun) about your oral and even your overall health.  Your tongue is a common place to find oral cancer. Because your dentist looks in your mouth at least twice… Read more »

Preventing Future Problems With Preventive Dentistry

Your dental checkups are important. Maybe when things get too busy, or your finances are tight, you are tempted to skip them or put them off. However, attending your dental checkups every six months helps prevent future–more complicated and expensive–dental problems. Maybe it seems as if your hygienist is not doing much during your appointments,… Read more »

Earlier Use Of Fluoride For Children Recommended

Regardless of the fact that the safety of fluoride has been consistently questioned, especially in young children, fluoride has been proven to help fight cavities. Research has also proven fluoride safe and effective for children and adults. Today, tooth decay is on the rise globally and to fight this epidemic the ADA has released a… Read more »

Zoom! Away Those Stains

Everybody wants white teeth. When your teeth aren’t white you feel self-conscious smiling. Smiling is important. Not only does smiling make the people around you feel good, it actually releases chemicals in your own brain that make you feel good! Everybody’s teeth could use whitening from time to time if their teeth are stained or… Read more »

What Is Gum Contouring?

Your gums are as much a part of your smile as your teeth. In fact, when it comes to the art of smile design there are various principles that govern it including the ratio of gingival tissue (your gums) to your teeth. If your gums cover too much of your teeth you are considered as… Read more »

Chip, Crack, Break…Bond

Did you know that minor imperfections in your teeth can be fixed using dental bonding? It is a non-invasive, easy, and relatively inexpensive procedure. One or two teeth can be bonded in a one-hour visit. If several teeth are being bonded they may be split into two or more visits. Dental bonding can be used… Read more »

Don’t Women Have Enough Worries?

Women have their fair share of worries. They worry about their kids, their parents, their partners, their jobs, and now they have to worry about their teeth.  Hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life put her at risk for oral health issues including gum disease. How much do you know about how hormonal fluctuations affect your… Read more »

Placing A Dental Filling

When you consider that most people have more than one cavity in a lifetime and that there are over 300 million people in the United States, that is a lot of dental fillings. The procedure of placing a dental filling is common, to say the least. It can be quick, easy, and painless. The worst… Read more »

When Was Your Last Checkup and Cleaning?

Even if you are diligent with your oral hygiene at home you shouldn’t skip your regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. You attend your dental checkups twice a year to prevent dental diseases, decay, or other problems from developing. For most people, two checkups per year are sufficient, but if you have diabetes, are at… Read more »